The sparrow and wolf lay as still as the blades of the grass,
like worn leather boots of colour and size that would last,
caught them a lark in a trap and each held a wing,
then they tore it apart before that small bird could sing.

Confused by the wind, bruised by the size of the rain,
she turned back to him, begged for love to remain,
but plans have been made and all of the furniture sold,
so just store up your hate, use it for warmth when you're cold.

For I have seen no joy, only danger,
I see no joy, only strangers,
I see no joy, see no joy in this world.
Should you choose to roam, please be careful of
lonesome roads, men that travel them
will not know, will not know of your ways.

Still I see no joy, only danger,
I see no joy, only strangers,
I see no joy, see no joy in this world.
Should you choose to roam, please be faithful,
To watch you learn from that little bird,
always dear, always dear to my heart.

Lyrics submitted by tikilights, edited by chado, ThusItWas, rodri481

Sparrow and the Wolf song meanings
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    General Commentto me, this song represents less of a divorce and the child caught between, but rather the harshness and callousness of the male ideal versus the concern and empathy of the female ideal.

    the choruses are from the point of view of the male, who knows how wonderful and understanding and pure the female can be, but knows how dangerous it can be for that sort to travel the road of life unprotected.

    in the first verse, the sparrow (female) and wolf (male) work together to do what it takes to survive; it requires the taking of a life to feed to both of them, and they're united in that fashion, but while the sparrow wants comforting, the wolf is a mean creature, and knows what must be none and has the heartlessness to do it.

    but the repeated choruses reveal the wolf's weakness, compared to the sparrow's strength: he knows and sees no joy in life, he only knows to look out and stay wary and to be strong and protect, while the sparrow is (implicitly) vulnerable to the vagaries of the world, she sees goodness and beauty, something the wolf is incapable of understanding, though the sparrow he hold very dear, once again implicitly because she had the heart he doesn't.
    darkershoreson May 23, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI get the impression this song speaks of divorce and possibly a kid that would be involved in it all; "and each held a wing
    then they tore it apart, before that small bird could sing"
    jono13on January 01, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with jono13. Definitely seems to be about divorce. The kid involved seems to make sense as evident in the first verse with the issue of love in the second. "She turned in to him, begged for the love to remain,but plans have been made, all the furniture sold." The chorus seems to fit this divorce mold as well.
    jpughon January 22, 2012   Link
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    My Opinion"she turned back to him, begged for love to remain" i think it is...

    jono, thanks for sharing...this song makes me a bit melancholy, and his singing is outstanding.
    soultastoon February 21, 2012   Link

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