"Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low" as written by and James Mcmorrow....
Hear, hear the noise that moves so soft and slow
That's the sound of freshly fallen snow
Your love is gold, your love is gold
Seems, seems as though we'll be stuck out here for days
To bang upon these drums that we have made
You never know, you never know

My one, my only one
Lies sleeping in the sun
Gave chase and so we run
Nothing breaks your stride like whats become

Stack, stack the frozen wood next to the shed
Pile it up so high then paint it red,
Confuse the dogs, confuse the dogs
And time, time we lost is resting on the stairs
The window out reveals the cooler air
And so we go, and so we go

My one, my only one,
Lied twice to keep me on
Gave chase and so we sung
Everything that ends has still begun

From the inside of my mouth
And the slow migration south
It's not to be denied
It's not to be denied

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"Hear the Noise That Moves so Soft and Low" as written by James Mcmorrow

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Hear the Noise That Moves So Soft and Low song meanings
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    General CommentThe song is about a relationship that is always ending and beginning...and ending, sung from the perspective of the lover who is always being hurt by their partner leaving.

    The first stanza sets the foreground of the song. The imagery about snow, and being "stuck out here for days" suggests the setting is in a remote cabin. This symbolises, to me, the desperate desire of the singer to keep their relationship intact, or more like a misery type situation where no-one can escape. He desperately wants her to stay, even to the point of forcing her her stay through the harsh nature of the wilderness around them.

    The first chorus suggests she always remains aloof, even when they're together. She lies Sleeping in the sun, she gives chase and so they run: obviously meaning she is always leaving him, him chasing her and thereafter continue a recurring "on-off" theme. The singer noting how taxing this recurring theme is, "nothing breaks your stride like what's become".

    the piling up high of wood, the time resting on the stairs represents to me the intention of preparing to make it through the winter season, and staying it out. However the window out symbolises her escape from the cabin, from the relationship, allowing his pain, allowing the "cool air" to seap in. "And so we go" signals the whole beginning of the cycle again.

    The second chorus begins with the line "my one (my only one), lied twice to keep me on", outlines how she tells him she loves him [first[ to begin their relationship again, and that she won't leave him this time [second].

    But then the end half of that chorus changes in tone, it's almost as if he knows this pattern will keep repeating, yet he he still alows it. He knows she will keep leaving, "[giving] chase", and that they will both stick to their patterns [still we sung].

    To me, in the end, he realises that he's got to stop trying to hold on to their relationship and keep returning to their cabin and sticking out the winter. The slow realisation that he has to leave and move onto warmer climates and greener pastures "the slow migration south, it's not to be denied".

    I think in the end he knows he's got to move on, and that eventually he will...maybe this time he will break it off, maybe he won't.
    sonandseaon April 05, 2013   Link

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