Connect the dots and tell me what appears
Hopefully it's not as traumatising to my peers
Pleasantly suprised with my life at twenty five
It's a category similar to heaven in the skies
But I've never been a spiritual believer
I've created all the things i've known to be believable
Don't accomodate your feelings for a minute
I am who I am 'cause I'm knee-deep in it
Laughing at the nonchalant acting like they're walking on
Angels wings fiendish for an oxycontin holocaust
And it's so hard to make this all count
When you overdraft because your reality checked bounced
When I recognise destruction in the mirror
I wipe the mist away just to see myself clearer
And I'm no longer taken back by this reflection
You re-created positivity inside my retinas

I cannot allow you to let me fall apart, fall apart

The line in the sand has been instituted clearly
Fighting the demand to supply what you were hearing
More or less the cigarette butt of all your jokes
I woke up with my hands were caught inside your spokes
The blood wasn't anything I've never seen
As it was rushed away by rain inside the weathered dream
I felt the oxygen accompany the motions
Of one breath in one breath towards expulsion
Exploding on the scene was not so difficult
It's hard to stay on top [??] so so critical
And if I start to crumble you can grab the glue
And piece me back together to resemble something new
I can live with knowing that by following the stars
It's easier to fade away while swallowing the scars
The key to success is simply finding dedication
And understanding how to separate the hesitations

I cannot allow you to let me fall apart, fall apart

Cloud coloured camouflage, hiding from the sun
Writing to my better half to let her know I'm done
Analysing adolescence, studying maturity
Agonising, learing lessons, understanding certainty
I'm only stronger than my last drink's proof
I'll only conquer what I let leak through
The wall was built for a handful of reasons
Mainly to deter me from jumping in the deep end
If I knew that I could swim a little better
I'd never have a problem with the flood warning weather
Stepping to the plate to evaluate the rubble
I can only focus on myself absorbed troubles
The day has come to build a better foundation
A reinterpretation of my mind's imagination
From here on i'll put my best foot forward
Without the complications just to restore the order

I cannot allow you to let me fall apart

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    General CommentI hope I got the lyrics right, I wrote them by ear.

    Anyway, I think this song is sad, but cleaver.

    I think the first verse is him talking about how lucky and lovely it is to be in love and to be loved by the person he is currently with.

    The second verse is him realising that she isn't treating him right ("More or less the cigarette butts of all your jokes"). How she thinks he's a joke and basically treats him like crap.

    The third verse is him making a stand and taking action. Telling her that he isn't going to take it anymore. He's realised that he deserves better and that now he is going to focus on making something new.
    stagnateon October 20, 2010   Link

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