I watch from a tower in the back of my mind
I watch from a window as the living walk by
Down below
Walking with quiet dreams
Walking out quiet day
And in my head
I might be sorry it makes no difference now
I might be wishing I had someplace to go
Hit the streets
Out in search for the self that has left me lying
And I never seem to notice
It's too late before I know that all
The love inside has been empty
The world we made has been ending
And like a ghost that hangs around and won't forgive its earthly sins
I've carried on this love for you
It's how my body lives

My darling
How are you?
How have you been lately?
I only seem to speak to you of superficial things

Creator, you destroy me
You know my hunger well
And yet you starve me
Until I'm begging on my knees

And these are a few of very many things
I can't begin to say out loud
If only this song could carry us on
But I know I'm only entertaining myself

I felt that even after I've been stripped of all my pride
There still remains a place for you to crawl up inside
To crawl up inside
To crawl up inside
And I'm out of my mind
Out of my mind
Murderous bitch, I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my mind
To be in love with you
The way that I'm in love with you
The way that I'm in love with you

Fuck this and everything we've done
Fuck you
Fuck you and your lies

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Creator, Destroyer song meanings
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    General Commentthis is one of the saddest songs i know of. sometimes it is so extremely hard to get over someone.
    whojerrywhoon October 21, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is heartbreakingly beautiful and I've always interpreted it as an essay on the darker, more sinister parts of love that people don't like to drag into the light. It's about the relationship between human attachment and pain, and it's really beautifully done.

    The first stanza starts as the speaker remarks that they are watching from a "tower" in the back of their mind. This suggests that they are very much living in their own head, likely because there is some pain or reality that they aren't yet prepared to face. It continues to note that the speaker is watching "the living walk by". This purposeful separation that the speaker makes between themself and "the living" indicates that they no longer feel real or human. In a sense, they are "dead" and floating above the world of those who are "alive".

    They then "hit the streets in search of the self that left [them lying]". Not only does this line reinforce the motif of detachment from oneself and reality in the face of extreme pain, but it uses the word "lying" as a double entendre. Not only is the speaker "lying" incapacitated by their greif, but they are also "lying" to themself about their remaining attachment to a person who broke them down.

    The speaker doesn't notice that the "love inside has been empty" and the "world [they] made has been ending" in time to greive it or prepare for it. When the person they love abandons them, the rug is pulled out from underneath them, and they collapse.

    The next line is probably my favorite. "Like a ghost that hangs around, and won't forgive it's earthly sins, I've carried on this love for you, it's how my body lives." In their weakened state, the speaker confesses that they feel like a "ghost" that is anchored down to the physical world by unresolved issues from its previous life. The speaker, like a ghost, only continues to exist by holding onto that unresolved pain, in this case, that pain is their love for the person who "killed" them.

    The speaker then notes the shallow conversation that takes place between themself and the person who they shared a profound love with. They view the other person as a "creator", in that they give life and purpose to the person, but also a "destroyer" in that their abandonment damaged them, possibly beyond repair. They are "starved" of this person's affection purposefully. Through this imagery, it is revealed that the person being idealized by the speak is actually abusive, manipulative, and fully aware of the harm that they are doing--but some part of them gets off on inflicting that pain.

    After the speaker's confession of this mistreatment, they admit that there are many things they still can't say out loud. They are "stripped of their pride" but to the point of losing themself in this relationship. Even after all of this, the speaker maintains that there is a place for their lover to "crawl inside"--in other words, some part of them will always want to protect the person that hurt them.

    The last part is really powerful. The grieving speaker suddenly changes their tone. They become angry, hostile, and bitter--not at their lover, but at themself. They are "murderous" and fanatical, and they feel no control over the love they feel for their lover, and potential abuser.
    swampbabyon April 06, 2016   Link
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    My InterpretationI always thought this was a song sung to an abusive/manipulative mother from her daughter.
    cardinal22on May 20, 2017   Link
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    Song Comparisoni love the production on this song. it adds to the loneliness and isolation of the elegant lyrics. no fuss with the words...no need to...it's all there, naked and plain. these are the songs that always get under my skin. like The Shins 'caring is creepy'. not saying that CD is a similar listen as CIC...just that i collect sad songs about trying to move on.
    eyzovbluon March 04, 2018   Link

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