Know what I'm sayin, Big Noyd...
Yea, yea
Let these niggas know how we do
41st side
Yo, yo

Yo It's the realest, son you know how it go
Ass out like a child if you blow, still on the streets though
Regulatin' mad souls, eternal banger, leave ya jug' vein hangin'
You want beef, it ain't bangin'
Foul memory, you was bent but you remember it's the Infamous
Never took our shoes off when we get the stash
Gats and Gore-Tex, swim in Hennie, leave the floor wet
Stomped out, a man down, and ??? leakin' on the compound
To all you fake crooks that stay shook, frontin' with those thug looks
Get ya mug cooked and plus your thug took
You overlooked the fact that shit was real
Now I gotta take that ass to school for real
My clique dig pussy niggas down with the quick
My peeps are guzzlin' while your crew is takin' sips
At the fall lampin', comin' through, comin' through
QB in this mothafucka, what you wanna prove

[Big Noyd]
The trife life I'm livin' famous, bustin' shots live
It's dangerous at midnight, we do it right in broad daylight
The trife life, livin' rough, wearin' handcuffs like bracelets
25 to life, he faced it, got on the run and got wasted
Mad agony havin' me more vexed, got me pullin' out Tecs on opposite sex
The CREAM got me fiend, for massive ill schemes
Like doin' drive-bys in stretch limousines
I keep tons of guns, my niggas on the run pack the nickel-plated ones
Get the chedda, howeva dunn, 'cause niggas got dreams claimin' king
With the drug slinged, got they brain drained, to sling cocaine, continuously
Seriously, my brain blunted, the lye done it
We makin' hundreds, that's all we wanted
To see my ill mean team seein' CREAM
The Infamous, comin' outta Queens
Yo check it check it

Yo it's the P, me and N.O.Y.D.
We put the chedda togetha so we could double the OZ's
It grow like some family trees and beanstalk
Some hustlas, naturally born with street smarts
Yo Karate, it's you and Gotti, ya liftin' weight
Me and Noyd, a jet startin' down on the plain
The Mobb niggas livin' wild outside of New York state
The 5 gates, if a nigga is shook, just let him shake
While the coke bake, chef trip, cook a boulder over the shoulder
Wet burners with they hand in pot holders
Soloists get rolled over, rappin' Noyd takin' over
Crossed over, then you got bucked in October
November, December, came out the hospital keyed up
Paralyzed from your feet up, now slow ya speed up

Got my clique ready, ready to murder mad shit, mad shit
You pop mad shit, what's the verdict?
Humbly stumble on Infamous just be runnin' on your weak clique
Get mad bent, lay back we peep shit
Cookin' material, a gat with scratched serial
You leery though, we livin' you 'til your funeral
Assumin' that, you got the heart to bust back
I'm in the cut with not 1 but 2 gats

Yo it's the P realistically speakin', get left leakin'
Reality bites back, I strike back, we're even
He's still breathin', make sure his heart stop beatin'
You're bleedin' on top the concrete found indecent
Blank out when I see you, send shots at your cerebral
Go at your throat like a pitbull, stomp and feed you to the vultures
Like greek sculptures, you're left limbless
From start to finish, your whole squad get hit hard
I run with a foul type nigs is war-scarred
Resemblin' Vietnam, infantries that bomb
Your head nigga, headquarters, we take over
My snake nigga crew strike like that of a cobra
Constrict like boas, wrap tight around ya soldiers
You're closed in, trapped within the clutches of mad men

[Big Noyd]
Now what's the verdict, about that small cat you could've murdered
Long back when you used to keep the gat in the engine
I'm rememberin', sayin' don't flip, when the Mac spits
Somebody bound to get hit and snitch
You know the shit been gone for a minute, come on, you still in it
Runnin' with the team, gettin' that CREAM
Do ya thing, I respect that, ya know that
The gods in charge, whenever you involved, I know the Mobb's on they job
When you creep I know you go deep, no sleep, and more heat
Peel that cap meat, he nothin' sweet, I'm loc 'cause
You got me serious, then I'm furious, what's next
That cat get clapped, it's off of reflex
The thug in the blood, from pop dukes, even my moms too
Held me in her arms, felt the deuce deuce
She said no need to be afraid to bleed, baby please
Hold the heat with ease, and don't pull it, just squeeze
Ever since I elevated, got my mind situated in due time
Gotta get mine, shine, they mind, check this chrome 9
I'm gettin' busy, lookin' spiffy, I'm gettin' them
and hittin them', rappin' Noyd shittin' them


One less nigga, one less
One less nigga
Ayo, check this out right here, this nigga frontin' over here
Son, we gone handle this, we gone handle him
He get lumped... Rappin' Noyd

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