"Calculating Bimbo" as written by Sarah Martin, Stuart Murdoch, Richard Colburn, Michael Cooke, Christopher Geddes, Stephen Jackson and Bob Kildea....
A lack of understanding
You took for being lazy
I was just being lazy
I'm even doing it now

I know that you have saved me
I love that you have saved me

Save your pennies careful
Let both blue eyes be watchful
It's best to forget freedom
It's best to be enslaved

It's better still to love first
It's harder still to love first

You're my winter queen that disappeared
Your hands grew cold
You ran a mile from my ways
I still heard you had a fourth floor view
With lots of time
A notebook full of the finest, creamy, rich girl parchment pages
Slowly fill with all your passing days
Every sacred word paints a picture

Bigger were his muscles
Than father ?
But when you are in trouble
And when you are uptight

I get the midnight phone call
I'm your captain for the long haul

If someone else is near me
You scuttle up the pavement
It's no one that I care for
I pause for an effect
You calculating bimbo
I wish you'd let the past go

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"Calculating Bimbo" as written by Christopher Geddes Bob Kildea

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Calculating Bimbo song meanings
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    General Commenti'd say it's about his ex who is now with another man. she however still turns to him whenever she gets lonely or when there's a crisis ("I get the midnight phone call/I'm your captain for the long haul"). the fact that she remains in his life in this way prevents him from moving on ("If someone else is near me/You scuttle up the pavement"). "It's no one that I care for, I pause for an effect" describes the girls he's trying to date, but they don't make very much of an impression on him compared to the calculating bimbo who selfishly won't let him move on. haha. good song!
    huurricaneon July 08, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe way I have inturpreted this song is a little different than the previous comments.

    The "calculating bimbo" seems to choose her male counterparts in a more calculated way. She has always been a strategic, competitive woman (why she appears to be rich/successful now) but fails to realize how important love is over money, status, etc. She has chosen another man because he is more financially sound and, in her eyes, it makes sense to choose him over the man who is emotionally supportive.
    iwannabekateon November 01, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti like this song, it has a nice melody but i don´t know what the lyric is about.

    Wiki says:


    In popular English, the term Bimbo tends to have two similar connotations. The first refers to a attractive woman with poor intelligence or education, while the second refers to a woman with low sexual inhibitions and who often acts in a promiscuous manner.

    Sebastian1on September 30, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationI feel like the song is about how the boy loves this one girl who doesn't realize that he loves her. Could be that they are suppose to be just friends and he's always been her "back-up" friend who she turns to when things go sour with her new lovers.
    He sings:
    "With lots of time
    A notebook full of the finest
    Creamy rich girl parchment pages
    Slowly filled with all your passing days
    Every sacred word
    Paints a picture"

    (I feel like he is trying to express how he knows she has the time to be with him but she's too caught up in her past relationships and it's holding her back from what can be between her and him. She is so caught up in the past that every past she describes so vividly)

    "Bigger were his muscles
    And farther go his dollars
    But when you are in trouble
    And when you are uptight
    I get the midnight phone call
    I'm your captain for the long haul "

    (In this verse I feel like he is describing the girl's lovers general image description of what they are usually like. Sort of like meat-head guys who just use and abuse girls then move onto next ones. And when she is in need of some emotional support to make herself feel better she turns to him [the singe])

    -So that's all I really get from this song.... and just the way he is singing it, slow mellow and melodramatic just adds onto his anguish about how things are between them. Love sucks when you're stuck in a rut.
    blueberryhearton November 10, 2010   Link

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