"Weaknesses" as written by and Zac Pennington Jherek Bischoff....
If for each bit of gladness
Someone must taste of sadness
I'll bear the sorrow
Let it be

No matter what the price is,
I'll make the sacrifices
For each tomorrow
Let it be

Can't you be still
For just one second
There now, clear the hair out of your face
And try to fit your fingers 'round your waist
Piece of cake
Oh god, you look great

And I know he'd know some perfect thing to say
Though I don't suppose they'd notice
If we're a little late
Let them wait, and anyways,
Remember who was there to square your zipper back in place

Done in thy books and bother
And a fondness for another
Well no one waits forever

I'm torn in more than in one direction
These questions open-ended by design
We'll best these indiscretions given time
Provided I might stay another night

And I know he's knows
And that's all I'm going to say
I suppose though that I've noticed
You've never said his name

More dour on the hour
And duller by the day
But no heart is always
In the wrong place

Oh honey, sure I'm flattered
So forgive me for this candor
But what is it you're after?
If I'm business as usual,
And you practice your birth control...

Tell me, was this as tawdry as it sounds?

But can't we be weak for one more second?
I've reckoned this is tough to justify
But I've never done one pure thing in my life

Oh, never mind,
Just guide these hallowed hips of mine inside those equine thighs

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    My InterpretationDang, beat me to the punch. I hear a few things differently:

    The first two verses:

    If for each bit of gladness,
    someone must taste of sadness.
    I'll bear the sorrow,
    let it be me.

    No matter what the price is,
    I'll make the sacrifices.
    For each tomorrow,
    let it be me.

    And in the last line, I hear the word "hallowed" instead of "hollowed".
    alfreditoditoon September 19, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti'm pretty sure it's "if i'm business as usual, and you practice your birth control..."
    mayonneggon February 23, 2011   Link

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