well you're acing and you're aging
and you're aching and you're airing
and you're being and you're boying
and you're doing and you're dying

and you're reaking and you're eyeing
and you're acting and you're adding
and you're aiming and you're airing
and you're entering a hypen

and you're arming and your awning
and you're baking and you're bailing
and you're banking and you're biting
and you're boring and you're falling

and you're falling of a wall
and the wall is in a ceiling
ceiling and digging and digging

she's eating what she's finding and growing
she's hearing what she's imping and jousting
she's napping while she's offing and pounding
while starving what she's toasting

booing at the people
in the row above the first
and when you look into the spine
you find a face that is the worst

and its a phone inside
a cup inside a box on top of Steve
and if you try to make some sense
you eat a bowl of hairy cheese

and when you look inside the wall
to see the in-su-la-ti-on
you find a pocket of hot air
and forty little men named Juan

and this hasn't been a
very very good trip at all
in fact its almost over
thank God for for Monte Hall

your phonebook is on top of a mountain
I like to visit family and friends
let's go and watch a movie tomorrow
have you seen my new tv?

face inside a fist
inside a little piece of air
and its a jam inside a face
inside a plate of lumpy chair

Albert rolling sideways
while he tries to say hello
and a frog has eaten cockroach
when a screw has fallen low

birds are eating haddock
and i'd like to eat some too
and uh... have you eaten haddock?
its pretty good for you

I can see a bee and now
I can see a bee and now
I can see a bee and now
I can see a bee and now

we like to keep our shoelaces untied
and sit on top of chairs with harsh bends
I tried to build a cabbage from lettuce
and now this song will end

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