Yo, I roll a tone parallel to Harlem from county jail to Arkham
Expand across the planets soft candy coating
I'll never rock it if the brand's demoting
I'd rock the iron coat and know my spine'd cope prolly soaked
Cause I'm infected with that Venom symbiote
I wasn't born I was assembled
On a canvass in a lab like Mona Lisa
A mile east of Boca Vista
Causing the tidal wave that might'a gave ya broken skis
On northern Nova Scotian seas
A modest chain around my neck
Five electrodes on my skull
The storm destroyed the hull and now I'm null
Never saw the form Allah while locked to normal law
My form was off until I lost the form
And saw no form was high form
Inform your foremen of the protocol
Neglect the intellect to know it all
Yet it's hectic cause there's no scene to accept this
Eclectic sense, tense electric fence with extra strength
Around a plot on the Gaza Strip
Across from where a brothel sits
At a hostel in Dublin I met a waitress from LA
And bounced A.S.A.P. the next day
Now I can't see the point in your song
Perhaps I got it wrong
But it curdles my blood when I listen
I'm wishin' that I hadn't paid admission
But the fact's that I'm here
Now where that is it isn't clear
And still I'm shiftin' gears across your list of fears
Until I disappear

Kid, bow down to my sector
You're too young to be selector

Materialized on Melpomene and Tchoups
And hopped a freight train
Read a lot to stay sane
I'm in the same frame as Oroku Saki
Go through ya'local posse like a mobile zombie playin roller hockey,
No fool could stop me,
But these nihilistic currents almost washed me up ashore
Like Tide detergent
My memoirs a poisoned reservoir
Of my voyage in the Death Star
Where once in an unkempt attempt to stamp me in my camp
They stormed my tent
But not enough men were sent to clamp me
In my damp, dark, murky fortress that I happen to inhabit
With rabid packs of rabbits
Hoarding fourteen poison carrots
My cabin's made of barge planks and clap board
To withstand large tank attacks
Before that monk's spade I bring the axe
I don't sleep, I am sleep
My grip could rip the sewer through the street
While melt letters puff and melt
Like a mallow on a stick in the third dimension
Preserve your nervous tension
With solidified bacon fat consistency
Never mind the mystery
To think is to not know
So run from the constable with no thought to clot the flow
At the Ragnarok battle spot when on a roll
My blood could block a shark and calm a bull

Kid, bow down to my sector
You're too young to be selector

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