I saw my old friend Gabriel
Down the perimeter ringing a bell
I said hello
Hey man is there something wrong?
Where has everybody gone?
I don't know
Well I put my hand across my mouth
And I went out
Yeah moving slow
What are you doing he said to me
I'm looking for my company
He said don't bother no

Next thing you know when I took a look
Gabe was trying to sell me a book
But I got no dough
He said check it out It's going cheap
Check it out it's going cheap
Ok I'll give it a go
Well I read that book every page
And then i put it away
Said I don't think so

It makes slaves of all of womankind
And corpses of men
And I just don't know
And we care a little bit
We get scared a little bit
Of those two cold dead eyes
That stare a little bit
And we cry a little bit
And we get by a little bit
Let your tears
All come falling down

Put me on a big white steed!
Ride it up and down your street!
Wrapped in a crimson coat!
Sail me in a green big boat!
I'll sail around the waters for you
Kill your sons and daughters for you!
Put me on a big white horse!
Send me down to Banbury Cross!

It's ok Joe its time to go

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    General CommentAnother somewhat more specific than usual post-apocalyptic setting, as in "Abbatoir Blues" and "Evil"...could (and is the distinction academic) the "book" be the Koran? Is it the zietgeist, my imagination, or has there been a more tangible sense of worldwide, prophetic doom, compared with earlier, more individual presentations of damnation? Of course, the balance may simply shift between the two poles, but does it seem to others that there is a more pronounced image of a holy war? (forgive the rambling...)
    dancurtinon January 04, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI figured that the book referenced was the Book of Revelations because of the "white horse" in later lines. The first of the four horsemen, Pestilence, rides a white horse according to Revelations and is the first seal, a harbinger of the oncoming apocalypse. Angels, such as Gabriel, are also said to herald the coming of end which is what I interpreted the bell ringing as.
    LivieMon August 06, 2013   Link
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    General CommentSo the book is obviously the Bible. Good on Nick, I hate the Bible too. :)
    backinburntcityon November 05, 2010   Link

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