My face coming down in streaks
All alone with your things, the apartment still ringing
Clean up and make my start
Not the way I hoped for
Well, welcome to New York

Nothing movie-like
Nothing magic
People just tire to fight the constant battle
Waiting to see a sign?
Then you've seen the best already

The train comes at 1:15
He said: "Maybe I'll leave. Give you time... let you think."
Don't know just what he wants
I'm all that I've got
But this time, I'm on it

Nothing movie-like
Nothing magic
People just tire to fight the constant battle
Waiting to see a sign?
Then you've seen the best already
Then you've seen the best already

This time believe it
Believe me
This time you'd better believe it
You know I'm gone

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    My Interpretation>>Well, welcome to New York

    New York is always romanticized as the city that never sleeps, further alluded to in

    >>People just tire to fight the constant battle

    I think it's about getting burned out in the business of life, without having time to stop and smell the roses. Walking around in NYC inspires you to do all the big stuff you want to do in your life (be famous, be a movie star, be rich/successful), but realistically, most people won't end up being there. The people that do have to kill themselves to get to that point.

    Just my two cents anyways.
    breakouttheshotgunson October 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentAnother sweet, sweet breakup song, and it's brilliant, no? I see a story unfolding here, a man and woman who live together and can't quite figure each other out. I see the woman suffering from depression, nothing to do with the man, who doesn't know how to fix it. And they grow apart because she can't get herself together. Nothing movie-like, nothing magic. Nothing romantic, no sappy poetry, no songs playing from an 80s ghetto blaster outside someone's window (see Say Anything). This happened to me. My wife suffered from bipolar disorder and as hard as we tried to get back to where we were when we were first married, the illness dominated. It ruined us. Even the line "Welcome to New York" reminds me of my situation, as our problems started just after moving to a new city. And it really is like a movie that you're sitting in a theater watching, wondering if you've seen the best parts of the movie already. Sigh.
    everestdesignon September 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI really like this song alot. Its kinda upbeat, but the lyrics are sad in a way. I donno. It just a good song off of a really great album. I think this is my faorite Jimmy Eat World Album so far.
    Aj5855on September 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is just oh so amazing. This band never fails.
    NickC003on October 05, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is the other half to 'Invented'

    The girl met the guy in LA. He comes to see her in NYC, her home city. He's fallen in love with her (hence she's always in his head) but he can't express it properly, maybe he's shy (and he can't find the right words). She gets the wrong idea and thinks he's not into her. He picks up on this and leaves (Maybe I'll leave, give you time... let you think."

    In the end, he still thinks they can have a cinematic end that he can picture.
    But she sees there's nothing Movielike, no magic.

    It's a sad, sad story!
    Stumooon February 11, 2011   Link

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