"Weights" as written by Jonathan Joseph Higgs, Jeremy Joseph Pritchard, Alexander Kaines Robertshaw and Michael David Spearman....
Tell, your, friends not, to live, like,
They are, with, terrible weights,
Come with rope to, hold up,
The bridge, oh, the weights,
The tiniest weights, grow, to

Blind by daybreak, splintered, diamond matter will you
Make me lucid why'd you have to double my weights?
Double the weights, double the
Travel over nothing boy I'm telling you it's

Time, to live alone yeah, time, to live alone
You did oh, but you did, what you had to, and live alone.

(So come on) Coldest exit lurcher,
There's a bottle on the
Fire, sleep in cinders add the burden up the weights
Double the weights, double the,
Heaviest of moments, all together now it's
Damn near unconvincing, add the burden up the
Weights, double the weights, double the

Time, to live alone yeah,
Time, to live alone
You did oh, but you did,
What you had to, and live alone

Friend, don't break the code,
A tiny part, a tiny part remains.

I, know how it starts,
And now I know
I know how it ends
I know just how it ends
I know how it all ends
I know how it all

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"Weights" as written by Jeremy Joseph Pritchard Alexander Kaines Robertshaw

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    General CommentOnly the writers know what all the lyrics in this song are talking about but I get the impression it's about leaving your parents to live by yourself: "Time, to live alone yeah, time, to live alone"
    SoftMinton December 17, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationLooking at this, it's so well written I just have to make a stab at what it could mean.

    I think it's about God and angels, and a human who's been allowed to see the heavens and come back to Earth. This might be a biblical reference as the bible says God has only revealed the heavens to one man, St John of Patmos, I'm pretty sure his name's called. God sends him back down to earth, telling him to help his friends to change the way they behave ("Tell, your, friends not, to live, like, they are).

    I think there's a description of a figurative bridge made by angels, between Earth and heaven, and God tells his angels to hold up the bridge with rope. Very powerful figurative images to describe a way for a human to see heaven.

    I think that the song is about oppression and hardship that each human has to go through. I think when Jonathan was writing this song, I think he was playing with the idea that God looks down from heaven increasing the "weights" or hardships and life difficulties we have when we get over them. You see he says "add the burden, up the weights / double the weights..."

    In the first verse: (Blind by daybreak...) St John (notice the actual writer, Jonathan has the same name as St John. Interesting, maybe coincidental, maybe not.) is on earth, and it's raining, and he's back on Earth with hardships, and he knows God is "upping" the weights, it's a necessity, and he's frustrated. Why do you have to double my weights? Why do you make it harder for me? "Diamond matter will you / make me lucid" this phrase is very ambiguous, it could be directly talking to the rain, saying diamond matter (rain) make me invisible, so God won't be able to see me, and double my weights. It could also mean angels, clear my mind of all this hardship and pain. "Travel over nothing boy" sounds like what angels can do, a play on words perhaps it means fly. Ambiguity again, great writing.

    Living alone? house burning down? living in poverty? lots of images of pain and hardship in the chorus and second verse, and God seems to be controlling it, and St John asks why? why are you doing this?

    Now the bridge-sort-of section, that single sort of sudden angelic cherub-like sung line: "Friend, don't break the code, a tiny part, a tiny part remains." I think that's God telling him the reason why life is how it is, and he's not allowed to share this.

    The song is ended with this overwhelming climax, as he finally understands how it ends, he knows how the world began, and he knows how it'll end. There's an ambiguity behind these last phrases: "I, know how it starts, and now I know, I know how it ends, I know how it all ends, I know how it ends" It symbolises knowing how to finish the song, which is hugely complicated, one of the reasons why it's a great climax to an album. But it also symbolises understanding the reasons why God has put him through so much pain, why the world is how it is, the meaning of life.

    He's not able to finish what he's saying though, the song actually ends chanting gloriously "I know how it all..." symbolising finally being overwhelmed perhaps with elation, perhaps by the way the world ends. Brilliant.

    SoftMinton February 21, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI'm bummed there aren't more comments on this song! I think these guys are way underrated, in the states anyways :)

    Music means so much to me and I hold such a high/unique appreciation for so many different genres/bands/songs/etc, and I feel like this song hits really close to this period of my life right now. I think the beautiful part of music is that it can mean anything to anybody, as long as it makes you feel something. So this it what it means to me;

    I feel like he's trying to say it's time to let go of all the burdens you let fall upon yourself and pick yourself up. The "blind by daybreak..." part might mean he's ready to wake up and needs the light to help get him on his feet because his burdens seem much heavier (doubled) than before. "Time to live alone..." might represent emotionally removing yourself from complications and taking time to figure out who you are and get in touch with your passions and embrace life without past emotions/etc getting in the way.
    In the bridge before the last part of the song where he's saying "Friend, don't break the code, A tiny part, a tiny part remains" to me I feel like he's saying that things are going to happen no matter what, but to stay strong through everything and don't let things become a burden that don't need to be.
    The end is what really gets me too, when he's singing "I know how it starts and I know how it ends..." I feel like he's seen this before/knows what happens when people let things get the best of them and don't allow themselves to live their lives, and it's time to start living for yourself

    Again, this is just what I've gotten from it, and every single time I listen to it, I still get shivers! And my interpretation of this might even change the next few times, but that's the great part about music :]
    leeeahhhon September 04, 2012   Link
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    General CommentLooking at this 4 years later, I have changed my mind again. Maybe diamond matter is vodka or tears. Maybe this is about the hardship of life and there are references to alcohol use (blind by daybreak, bottle on the fire), perhaps used as a coping mechanism. But the main reason why I have changed my mind about the meaning, is because of that line 'a tiny part remains'. What does that mean?
    Perhaps Jon is referring to 'the big crunch', this idea that the universe will eventually collapse into itself, a reversal of the apparent expansion of the universe. It is theorised that this 'tiny part' will then explode again, another big bang, and the cycle repeats.
    SoftMinton October 15, 2015   Link

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