"H. Ledger" as written by and Ryan Jay Johnson Jason Aalon Butler....
we’re biting off more piece of mind than we can chew, and oh…
did someone lose their head?
so many people, pretty people, many people
keep talking my head off

you bit into the apple didn’t you?
now chivalry is dead
make your bed and sleep in it with me
I’ll sleep when I’m dead

A better way to…
A better way for you

Let’s just say I never got an angel
I’ve got some skeletons myself
But I display them on the shelf
Because I never doubted you angel
But I guess the devil’s hot right now
So I’m better off right now

we’ve gotta find another way so we can remove
remove you from our heads
go tell these people, many people, pretty people
to chop all their heads off
we’ve gotta find another way to
to tidy up our beds
I’ve cleaned my sheets for dirty deeds and now I’m asleep
asleep, because I’m dead

and now I’m stuck on the back of the bus
the bus..back of the bus…back of the bus is where I’m proud

because Jesus is making fun of me

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    General CommentI'm a proud ass nigga.
    MX5on December 02, 2013   Link
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    Song MeaningFrom Jason on this song:
    "Let's address an obvious question here. Many will ask, "do you think he really jumped off that cliff side in that movie everyone has trouble watching without worrying about their certainty on sexual orientation?" I answer with, "No". Because I don't think he did. I know he did. Jake Gyllenhaal said so in his feature in GQ last September.

    Now onto the song. It's more an event in popular culture that we so happened to be writing a song during than it is direct homage. This event was, obviously, the death of Mr. Heath Andrew Ledger. At that time we were writing a song in which we wanted to find a clever way to pay homage to bands that we felt didn't receive proper recognition until they were no longer active. Simultaneously, this young man had just completed one of his most revered roles (after "Broke Back", of course) and subsequently passed away. This is where we found relevance existing between the two. Now I must make it clear that my titling this song is in no way a deep enough condolence, but it does in fact highlight an instance that we feel happens far too often."
    Azazel23on March 07, 2014   Link

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