"NASA is on your side" as written by Jonathan Joseph Higgs, Jeremy Joseph Pritchard, Alexander Kaines Robertshaw and Michael David Spearman....
I awake in the future,
I had turned to stone with fear,
Laid on petrified trees
In a high school massacre I'm fossilized and clear,
The teenage terrorists freeze
We began dismantling the stadia and schools,
Singing save our simian souls!
Polished up warm bullets hanging static in the air,
Droplets glittering home

NASA knows, how the pheromones, cascade!
Down the walls, you can't help the way you feel
You're the crudest oil, let your vision boil,
Yeah they're gonna dig a coal-face! out of you,
Isambard I'm all steel!

Chasing homeless cheerleaders,
Through the sewers lit by burning polythene bags
Pushing flame scorched limos to the oil rig tonight,
For the promenade dance
Fill your locker with an arsenal,
Hieroglyphic every particle,
Mother all about the coal
And the lava and the gas that we are,
Lovers on the landfill,
Digging me up to fuel rockets and risk
Look across now honey the horizon,
I can see a shuttle birth,
Is it a boy? Or a girl? Or a gun?
I know it's ludicrous to be lost,
There's never been a time like this

Everyone, is gonna end, up there,
You're overcome,
But NASA is on your side
It's happening, the sky is shattering,
And they're gonna make a Death Star,
Out of you, but NASA is on your side
NASA is on your side
NASA is on your side

Everyone, is gonna end, up there,
You're overcome, but NASA is on your side
It's happening, yeah, it's happening,
And they're gonna make a Death Star,
Out of you, but NASA is on your side

There were children climbing over fridges
In a rush to see the death of the sun
And we laughed all night when they said
"Treasure in the sky" and we had nothing but fun

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"NASA Is on Your Side" as written by Jeremy Joseph Pritchard Alexander Kaines Robertshaw

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NASA is on your side song meanings
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    My Interpretation"It's happening, the sky is shattering,
    And they're gonna make a Death Star,"
    Took me a bit to make sense of what they are saying. Clearly the shattering sky is in reference to holes in the Ozone layer. While they are gonna make a Death Star is the notion that if we keep polluting our planet we're going to exist on a planet sized space ship. Destroying multi-trillion dollars of resources available to us for free. We're gonna need machines to provide for us what once nature had given.
    Yogurtgunon July 08, 2012   Link
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    General Comment"It's happening, the sky is shattering, and they're gonna make a Death Star, out of you, but NASA is on your side" Firstly "the Death Star" is a fictional massive space-station in the Star Wars movies that is capable of destroying the earth with one beam. I think the statement is saying that people will use the earth's resources to destroy it.

    However "Everyone, is gonna end, up there, you're overcome, but NASA is on your side" means that people are going to end up moving from Earth, leaving it as a dump, but somehow NASA is on a particular person's side, or something's side. That's what I don't understand.

    I can't work out who this is speaking to. Maybe the earth, maybe the narrator's partner, maybe humans in general. Might be something else, I haven't got any concrete ideas, I'm stumped on this one.

    Reference might be made to the Columbian high school massacre: "In a high school massacre I'm fossilized and clear, the teenage terrorists freeze"

    All I got :D
    SoftMinton December 02, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationOh actually, I've forgotten the essential part of this song.
    At the beginning of the song, the narrator says he awakes in the future. This is in the present tense.

    Yet he uses a past pluperfect tense to say "I had turned to stone with fear, laid on petrified trees" meaning he's explaining why he woke up in the future. He had been unconscious (physically or of time at least) for some time. The Earth is personified as being scared: "laid on petrified trees" , early in the song to show that it's going under some sort of oppression. It's at the mercy of something/someone, and it's scared of it's fate.

    In fact this whole verse uses the present to explain what's happening now, but what happened in the past before he blacked out (or whatever he did to lose track of time) is in the past tense. Notice: "In a high school massacre I'm fossilized and clear, the teenage terrorists freeze" is in the present tense, so he's describing what he sees, perhaps this is a large group of school kids lying dead, or perhaps scared, just like the earth is at what has been happening, but they are described as "teenage terrorists" so perhaps they are the ones that have caused the destruction, details of which aren't clear yet. In the past tense is: "We began dismantling the stadia and schools, singing save our simian souls!" meaning the narrator had destroyed stadiums and schools in the past. "Simian" means ape-like or of primate origin, so the idea that the narrator dislikes the way humans are becoming less natural beings, as we were designed, trying to become different to what we are originally. Then there are images of bullets hanging static in the air, suggesting the narrator isn't in running time, but time is static. Also the bullets are warm and polished so we can tell they've just been shot. It's striking however that it is raining: "droplets glittering home."

    References to fossil fuels and steel production are used throughout the song: "you're the crudest oil" "they're gonna dig a coal-face out of you" "Isambard I'm all steel" (I think Isambard was a famous british engineer involved in the production of steel) "pushing flame scorched limos to the oil rig." "mother all about the coal and the lava and the gas that we are" "digging me up to fuel rockets and risk" So we can now understand that the song is about the way humans consume fossil fuels. It's set in the future, so the song-writer is basically saying the world will be a wasteland in the future, because of the way we greedily consume the Earth's resources now.

    But the most difficult part of the song is why "NASA is on your side." It's difficult to understand who "you" is. At the moment I think it's the human race. I think NASA is on our side, as it's going to rescue us and take us away from the Earth when we have destroyed it because of our greed.

    The last verse is very striking as it says children climbed over fridges to see the death of the sun. I don't think these were physical fridges, but figuratively, they were climbing over things on the Earth when all it's resources and fuel had been milked.
    The narrator laughs when people said the Sun was a "treasure in the sky" which is very difficult to understand. I think it might mean that in the future they won't need the Sun. Humans will leave the Earth and won't need the Sun as they will have been rescued by NASA. They would actually enjoy the new life somewhere else. It's an interesting, imaginative idea if that is the real meaning, but this is very ambiguous, and is open to various interpretations, which is why I like this song.
    SoftMinton December 03, 2010   Link
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    General Commentsoft mint got most of it right buttttt id add a few bits.

    basically id take it as an environmental statement about how we (humanity) are destroying earth. the whole nasa is on your side bit i think is actually slightly sarcastic, cus humans tend to think yeh nasa will sort out these problems. id argue EE are commenting that people need to stop thinking nasa will save us all (cus they wont) and start examining their own actions.

    the fridges bit i assume works on a few levels. firstly we wont need fridges when the sun dies because its going to get cold. secondly fridges used to be veryy bad for the environment releasing cfcs i believe, so i think again this is a comment on humanity destroying the earth.

    the last line 'and we laughed all night when they said "treasure in the sky" and we had nothing but fun ' i think is ironic saying how we take things like the sun for granted, and they personally didnt see it for what it was. we had nothing but fun could be a reference to abusing the world and not thinking aobut our actions thus aiding destroying it(loose possibility)

    hope people get where im coming from :)
    jakeyBon April 17, 2011   Link
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    General CommentBeautiful song!!!
    gavharron October 06, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt is beautiful, and it gets better the further into the song. I'm a lil stumped on the meaning atm, although there's talk about a high school massacre. I don't have time to concentrate on working out this song's meaning today...
    SoftMinton November 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOh yes, of course, that's what it means, thanks.
    SoftMinton May 31, 2011   Link
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    General CommentJohn said in an interview that the song also imagines the use of human remains in the future as fossil fuel. Interesting eh? but makes sense.
    SoftMinton August 19, 2011   Link
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    My OpinionI listened to the walkthrough on their Youtube. there is a heck of a lot of hip-hop grooves I like. It's interesting they tried to marry the 'stadium sound' with it a little. hope the next album covers those vast, interesting spectrums.
    Aquilaon June 29, 2012   Link
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    General CommentConsidering the bulk of the song is dependant upon high school (and considering the Everything, Everything band was not witness to the Columbine shooting), the song nearly is a jab at the younger generation to consider the true implications of something (or Everything) bigger than themselves (high school).

    The evolution from U2 to Radiohead to Coldplay really reveals that music of this sound has made it's way, but has the message? I'm not so sure.

    They seem to evoke a sense of remorse but blurr the meaning with things like chasing cheerleaders through sewers with polyethelene bags after being dropped off (at the sewer? by a limo) and things like bullets (indicating a school massacre).

    However, I think the relavence lies within the idea that such things are tirvial in the grander scheme of things, and all shall retrun to the earth in rubble and dust; the buildings and the people within. The trivial becomes monumental! I like that! While the Earth will naturally recycle, the people who inhabit her do not think it is important...so much more is... why with prom and blah, blah...HA! We trash, yet we are the same!

    Anyhow, this epoch recycling (crude oil) is what we will become though we cannot forsee this, nor do we entirely care, so it seems. He does! Preservation in the upmost degree...Earthly trivial matters are earthly bound and morose. Though when petrified, when preserved, we are in a dormant state; the landfield is not really a wasteland, our chemistry is preserved and is latent and for what? To be completely burned and used up in fueling technology for those in the future to make it out alive (or out of the desolation called planet Earth?)? Exactly! Yet the emotional evocation shows resistance in that (though I understand that meaning in life is derived from knowing your time was well worth it, but is it?) ? Maybe that is where the climbing over the fridges to see the treasure in the sky comes from, because the frigid reality that we are nothing but recycled material for future use is uncomfortable to bare. We came from recycled material, so why does it matter? We are just as trivial as the high school nonsense. We are just a waste of space and time and in the eons of time and space, don't you think we should just lay to waste whatever trivial matters that complicate our mind? I wish! Ahhh...rocket fuel...sounds good to me! ;b
    driftingdreameron July 10, 2012   Link

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