"The Infection" as written by and David/donegan Draiman....
In the back of my mind I can
Barely even remember when
There was nothing left to hide and
She has found a way inside, then
I was forced to walk alone
Living in an empty home
All I wanted was to hide and
Try to numb the ache inside
And I'm still afraid of the light
And a thousand voices share their laughter at my demise

Now if I am to survive
The infection must die
Murder the beast that's been eating me alive
The infection must die

Nothing left but a broken man
Terrified of everything
Nothing left of his foolish pride, his
Fond memories slowly die, then
As he wakes again alone
Still a prisoner in his home
Ready to allow the dark to
Penetrate his broken heart
And I'm still afraid of the light (of the light)
And a thousand voices share their laughter at his demise

Now if I am to survive
The infection must die
Murder the beast that's been eating me alive
The infection must die

Now if I am to survive (now I must survive)
The infection must die
Murder the beast that's been eating me alive
The infection must die

This is where I draw the line (draw the line)
The infection must die (This infection must die)
Give me release from this demon of mine (demon of mine)
This infection must die

The infection must die

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"The Infection" as written by David Draiman Dan Donegan

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    General CommentBased off of some of the interviews that ive seen with draiman, it sounds like this song is about his fiance, who left him while they were on vacation. Then his dog died, and when he finally got home, he was lefted to move into his new home in Austin, Tx, completely alone. it seems like this song is about him trying to make himself let go, so that he can move on.
    MetalMartyron September 07, 2010   Link
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    General CommentTo me it sounds like someone who has lost a love and has turned to dark thinking/substance abuse or something along the lines of that. That he acknowledges that he has this issue and must "kill the infection" or addiction to move on. ("Now if I am to survive. The infection must die. Murder the beast that's been eating me alive. The infection must die.") This person seems very much alone and no hope in sight moving on. I can partially relate to the lyrics and know where this person's head would have been in his situation. Sad song but extremely good! One of my favourites from the cd.
    TMLruleson September 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI know this song...so so well...I know it by heart, feel for feel. It's exactly what I am right now. I loved my fiancée so much... we were so in love... but I sabotaged the relationship early on. We fell apart after more than a year together. I didn't cry myself to sleep that night, but I've been just as broken as the lyrics of this song narrate. Afraid of the light... "empty home" symbolic for an emptiness within.

    My message to all young lovers. Be extremely careful with your heart...with who you give it to. Fact is that her ways and mine were too different, but we were so happy together during the good times that even now, months after, part of me is still holding on. She had beauty, intimacy, desire...

    But the fact is, when I pull it apart, we weren't meant to be. If you give your heart to the wrong person, you'll lose a piece...and sometimes that piece can be huge.
    CloudLevion October 24, 2010   Link
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    General CommentUhmm.. Actually i think the whole album has a lot more to do with other things and not the holocaust. Obviously one of the songs is about that though. And obviously these tracks show suffering.. But to say that the whole album is based on the holocaust is ridiculous lol. Just because you're jewish dosent mean that the whole album is about the suffering of the jewish people. Its about a lot of different things. And i gues a lot of it has to do with David's life and experiences.. Sorry to pin you down from your glory there friend as i appreciatte that you are also another disturbed fan.. But to say what you said is just simply incorrect. The animal is about a man turning into a werewolf and ripping loose without control, fury, his only guidance. Just as an example.

    Sorry i know that had nothing to do with the song 'The Infection' just thought that needed to be said.
    phantasyguyon June 29, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI don't want to take away from the plight and horrors that the Jewish people suffered during the holocaust, but I hate to disappoint you, this album is not all about the holocaust, David has stated in an interview that asylum is about the dual meaning of this word and how it can be a prison or a sanctuary, he has also stated the the animal is about becoming a werewolf , and losing control of the animal inside, the infection to me has no reference to the holocaust in any way, while there is one song on this album that is obviously about the holocaust, and there are strong references in another, there is no way this whole album is dedicated to that, this is a darker and more mature album than any other album they have released, but in no way is it about one subject!!
    WoWXxXWoWon May 30, 2012   Link
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    Song Meaningthis post is to all songs in the album Asylum....

    all the lyrics in Asylum, even Draiman said so are metaphors to the holocaust... asylum = ghetto, never again (well duh), another way to die = a metaphor that we kill each other in many ways, the infection = the nazis (the infection must die), warrior = that we are now strong and nothing such as that can happen again to us (the jews), crucified = the scientific torture a nazi (Dr. Mangle) did, my child = it talks about Korczak that attempted to save all the orphan children, innocence = that humanity has left the innocent 'phase', the animal = the anger and pain we still hold onto can unfold itself quickly if you attempt to redo the nazi mistake, serpentine = we (the jews) thought everything was good and then suddenly the holocaust started, sacrifice = showing the other side of our mind thats says that we want a sacrifice from to world to show the sorriness and to promise nothing as such will ever happen...

    yes im a jew that lives in Israel... and that was proof of the metaphors.. its all about never again and about the asylum...
    xiiBrokenTVon May 18, 2011   Link

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