I whispered in her ear just to glare inside the fences/
Her ambrosia could paralyze the senses/
A paradigm to hear the acid rain/
Of paradise she dreamt with, the tears she can’t contain/
And one by one, they poured in incrementally/
She took my crown of thorns and she wore it as a wedding ring/
Said “I do”, reciprocated vows/
And blew a thousand kisses to the dissipated clouds/
I held her claws as we walked between the headstones/
Of those who tried connecting all the dots between her freckles/
Then she let go… and so did I/
As I studied hieroglyphics on her alabaster pigment/
All her thoughts would compose a careful symphony/
That summoned all my scars and the ghost of serendipity/
They sang a hymn though that could cloak the air in mystery/
To shatter all my shields, to expose a flair of misery/

On a day like this, I’ma break my wrist when I write a little bit about the strangest kiss/
That would grace my lips, and the frozen tongue that was soaked in blood but it tasted bliss/
I start to choke, break in half ’cause I can hear the battle sounds/
Of gods that close their stake in hand to fight vampiric habits now/
You think I’m sentimental? I think you’re heavy mental/
With some innocent intents too intense ’cause you said “be gentle”/
And this is more or less a morbid test of sordid stress/
A foreign sense of orchid scents before I lay my skull to rest/
I sit alone and think of darkness while the sun is raised/
You grip that throne to drink from hearts until their blood is drained/
But at least you’re honest, speaking like you’re being modest/
‘Til you see a carcass at your feet and then you feast upon it/
Your eyes resemble Mephistopheles, in fact/
I’ve never seen you smile at all and all your teeth are black/
The Diva de los Muertos is just swallowing my skin/
When she sneaks in with the scarecrows and it’s haunting me again/ (when she…)

I always knew you were pretty with all those scratches on your face, look…

And while I’m all apologetic you just conjure monsters headed/
To my head, it’s probable, the claws are sharpened, sharp and ready/
Steady when you’re treading, careful not to fall in love/
‘Cause when I’m finally done you’ll know why it’s called a crush/
All your bones corroded and they hide inside decaying flesh/
Still you cut your tongue out ’cause you don’t want to taste it yet/
So save your breath, you kiss me like a guillotine/
Fuck just like a whore and smell like whiskey and some Listerine/
Follow me again and sing an hour with the wind/
And when I travel to the gallows you just scowl me again/
And grin with foul teeth and skin, when you go to bury daisies/
Haunted by carriages, Rosemary’s Baby/
Listen grave-dancer, with disarray pander/
Your lips display cancer and kissed my face after/
Come and go to summon hope with cryptic, fake glamour/
But under oath you cut my throat with sickle blade laughter/
And it’s hard to keep your sanity when spirits’ll consume you/
And you’re consuming spirits just to peer into the voodoo/
Who knew…that you could smile when you take a life?/
Surviving from the vitamins you’re finding when you take a bite/
All my questions all are meshes, wallowed sections/
Of my chest, the small intestines, large intestines, all a plexus, all digested/
Not to mention, you’re just following a trend/
When the Diva de los Muertos is just haunting me again…/

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