I’ve been dancing on the quicksand for one too many moments/
Swallowing the sunshine and company I’ve chosen/
Is the company of wolves, underneath their clothing/
They just hide their sheepish smiles that are sunk beneath the ocean/
With the chitty-chitty bang bang, pretty city same pain/
Do I? Did he? Witty, will he really let his fangs hang?/
Amen, ’cause that statement’s all but obvious/
And all I want to know is what it takes to show my godliness/
I’m defacing all the monuments/
In this lonely desert, there’s no trace of Ozymandias/
And I don’t know how many people catch the references/
Caught up in the revelry but still they lack the reverence/
Of standards like my skeletons or craft the saddest elegance/
‘Cause I can sink tsunamis that could probably crack the sediment/
And this is just an open, drunken, broken, sunken nothing/
Hoping that I’m something when the Reaper comes to sow/
Secrets of my soul are simply jagged/
Little pieces that’ll finally show the truth if I can match it/
In a sequence, and they tell me that my eyes are simply windows to the soul/
But my window panes are only pain…here we go/
This is where you listen close, anaconda grips the throat/
Dancing with the devil and he’s stepping on my mistletoes/
I’d give control if you can tell me it’ll be alright/
‘Cause nothing ever lives and no one ever really dies/

I’m over-pessimistic in this slumbered frame of mind/
Even rainbows are just another bank to climb/
Another waste of time, that I feel but can’t kiss/
I feel like Atlas when the thunder breaks my spine/
I’ve spent eleven hours sinking in the mud/
And all I’ve done is paint your facial features with my blood/
‘Cause I’ve wasted half my life thinking I’m in love/
But it was just the side-effects of breathing ether in my lungs/ (yes)
Man bites dog, gnaws his hands right off y’all/
Just can’t fight off all of mankind’s flaws, call/
Me atheist, a satanist or anti-god while/
I’ll wait for this so place your bets ’til landslide fall off/ (?)
And I’ll watch…while the innocent shatters/
The Phoenix never comes to be risen from ashes/
We’re all gone but there isn’t a rapture/
And everything you loved was just visions of grandeur/
So I go to sleep (sleep), listen inactively/
To my heart beat (beat), is it a masterpiece?/
Or fool’s gold, is feeling so cheap/
There’s more than one way to go to and skin a catastrophe/
And actually, when the rose is red and caustic/
I’m just feeling like I’m frozen in these old, synthetic topics/
Where I’m dealing with the copacetic, open-ended logic/
That no one ever dies even though our flesh is tarnished/

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Ghost in the Machine (feat. Louise Fraser) song meanings
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