Nigga sing that shit man,
Well I slap these bitches and pimp these hoes, im a Fillmoe VIP

Skinny six-five brown sugar big daddy,
Dippin in the cuddy, not a mothafuckin' caddy.
Fifty dolla dank sacks got me smellin good
Hoes turnin they head all throughout the fuckin hood.
Hard headed nigga smokin chocolate thai skunk,
Theres pussy on the street, I'm tryin to get that funk.
Hoes chokin, weed smokin, blazin mary jane,
Hoe bustin never trustin to know game
Bitches be trippin when they see the cuddy chrome
Cause they starin at a nigga that got it goin on
Miss me with the bullshit, hit me with your bank
Miss me with the battle bitch, rush me with the dank
Caramel coated tittie, yea your pussy's soakin wet
You're fuckin with a chewy smokin mothafuckin vet.
And in this day and age hoes don't listen to their mommas,
The bitches roll cuddys, mustangs, and impalas.
Caramel, butterscotch, and milky brown sweet,
All say Dre Dog can I be your freak?
Hoes wanna get with pam and mary jane
Mary jane is dank right and pam is cocaine
Hoes are beneath me, nigga Im a g
A filty Fillmoe fuckin VIP
A skinny six-five mother fucker Dre Dog
If knuckle had a swoop they would call me sugar ball, mothafucker

I smoke chewy like a mothafuckin nut
Im a skinny 6'5 mothafucker
I smoke chewy like a mothafuckin nut
Chewy boy do me raw cut cocaine

More powder, more powder, more dank, more dank
More hoes, more hoes, more bank, more bank
Chewy boy do me and i still got dick
Smokin on some chocoalte skunk potent thai stick.
Dank is on right lookin potent and green
Cuddy sounded proper with the four 15's
My cuddy, my cuddy, it get the pussy sprung
Some of these hoes think it's betta than the tongue
Heifers be yellin' but ya know I ain't hearin' ya
Sprung on my cocaine white interior
But everywhere I go I see broke ass hoes
Nappy headed heifers wearin' girlfriends clothes
But when they see the cuddy punk hoes straigten up
Cause a nigga like me is up front smokin' skunk
Chewin' on juicy fruit, drinkin' on boones
Bitch who you lookin' at like a fuckin' fool?
Baby said G, mixin' maryjane with pam
Your motherfuckin' right do you know who I am?
The dank smokin', hoe chokin', cuddy on chrome,
Fillmoe nigga dre dog, jim jones
Still smokin' dank, hoes still gotta grip,
My hair is growin' back and I still got dick for you hoes

I smoke chewy like a mothafuckin nut
Im a skinny 6'5 mothafucker
I smoke chewy like a mothafuckin nut
Chewy boy, do me raw cut cocaine

A-1 yola, coca cola, nigga coke is in, but not the soda
And everybody knows dre dog is a pig
Chicken, watermelon, hog malls and ribs
I'm all about money nigga bankin grips
If a dolla had a pussy it'd be a fuck bitch
(Money don't matter) Fool how ya figure,
Show me a happy hoe with a broke nigga
I'm a hard headed motherfucker never will listen'
Smokin' chewy wit my niggas playin' bones in the kitchen
My name is dre dog I own a mansion and a yacht
And a volvo wit a cuddy wit a black rag top
These hoes roll they eyes, still spread they thighs
And think a nigga like me is gonna get you high?
Bitch please, (no) I'm too cool for that
We can chit, we can chat, but you gets no scratch
Knock, knock, knock, who is it? (Jim Jones)
Charmaine, is your nigga here, or are you alone?
I brought a little pam and a maryjane sack
Some starwberry boones and a pack blackjacks
It's a everday thang for a rich fat rat
Cool as Morris Day breakin' hoes like the mack
So baby get game cause you know I be back
With some chocolate thai skunk, 50 dollar dank sacks
Bye, Bye

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