No this is not my guitar
I'm bringing it to a friend
And no I don't sing
I'm only humming along

Up here in the air
I'm just mumbling at the clouds
Wanting to be known
While I pass the lonely hours

I came down from the moon
I saw you in the rain
Laughing with some people
Hair dripping down your face

Your calm hypnotic eyes
Your Scandinavian glow
I felt them like a flame
Candle in my cold bones

Tonight you were my muse
As I belted and I strummed
Trying not to drown
In the helicopter drone


From the crowd I heard
You sing a pretty line
Was it: "there's so much love -
that I wanna cry".

I thought about it long
Had you repeat it in my ear
I couldn't place a thought
without you being so close

I should've played it then
From the intro to the end
When they offered me the stage
At the bar we landed in

But I turned and walked
Away from all the fun
And back into the black
Seaside night of Alesund


Lyrics submitted by mrkool, edited by TioJorge

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    My OpinionI love the guitar in this song. Such a beatiful rift. As soon as I get my acoustic guitar, this is the first song I am going to learn. Thank you Mark Kozelek. This song has helped me in life more than any single person will ever realize.
    MusicsPassionon January 01, 2014   Link
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    General Commentbeautiful song !
    piloton September 01, 2010   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionI thought about it long
    Had you REPEAT IT in my ear

    rather than

    I thought about it long
    Had you repeated in my ear
    TheFreakGeniuson December 03, 2010   Link
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    General CommentGot a kick out of the opening lines. I read an interview with him where he talks about touring, and while he's in the airport, people always ask him if he plays guitar or if he's a musician to break the ice and chat with him. He just says "No, I'm bringing it to a friend" so he doesn't have to talk to them.
    kangaceon June 08, 2011   Link
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    General Commentheard this song on a Sons of Anarchy episode.
    amazing song.
    and my mom told me the song is about Ã…lesund, where i live.
    Mark Kozelek played at a musicfestival outside the city, and wrote the song after falling in love with my city =)
    Grasteron July 03, 2011   Link
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    General CommentShould've played it then
    From the intro to the end

    what class lines.I almost cried when JAX let his kid go and pain on his face simultaneously resounding of word ALESUND...This song is lovely
    furashon May 18, 2013   Link
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    General CommentMy thoughts. its about a lady he saw in Alesund. He was given a chance to be with her, but didnt take it. Regret follows.
    basaguleroon November 06, 2013   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionFrom the crowd I heard
    You sing a pretty line
    Was it there so much longer
    That I wanna cry

    As it is written here is actually:

    From the crowd I heard -
    you sing a pretty line.
    Was it: "there's so much love -
    that I wanna cry".

    Just FYI. (Taken from the vinyl sleeve of the LP).

    I adore this song.
    darnmasteron February 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI always sing "I couldn't place it though, *but loved you being so close.*

    My favorite part of the song. Remembering the feeling of someone you love being close, or hoping for the feeling in the future--what better reason to keep going?
    mplacemofoon June 29, 2014   Link
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    My InterpretationLyrics corrections along with my interpretation...

    No this is not my guitar.
    I'm bringing it to a friend(he has what it takes to make "music," meaning love, but he can't do it alone).
    And no I don't sing.
    I'm only humming along(he knows the words to love, but 'hums' because its only him; the 'song' is only in his head)
    Up here in the air.
    I'm just mumbling at the clouds(high, thinking)
    .Wanting to be known(he wishes he knew how to tell her)
    While I pass the lonely hours.
    I came down from the moon.
    I saw you "in the rain"(rain-bad weather;hard times).
    Laughing with some people.
    Hair dripping down your face(faking laughter, to deal with immediate surroundings).
    Your calm hypnotic eyes. Their Scandinavian glow.
    I felt them like a flame.
    Kindling my cold bones(he felt a connection)
    .Tonight you were my muse.
    As I belted and I strummed(she gives him the incentive to try and make "music")
    Trying not to drown.
    In the helicopter drone(ignoring hovering issues)
    .From the crowd I heard.
    You "sing" a pretty line(despite the distractions; focused on her).
    Was it: "there's so much love -
     that I wanna cry"? (He knows she feels something too).
    I thought about it long.
    Had you repeat it in my ear.
    I couldn't place a though(not sure).
    But loved you being so close.
    I should've played it then.
    From the intro to the end.
    When they offered me "the stage"(he missed the perfect chance ).
    At "the bar" we landed in.
    But I turned and walked .
    Away from all "the fun"(not confident).
    And back into the black(the shadows;the sideline-unknown ). Seaside night. of Alesund :-/
    Jaydasongwhispereron September 09, 2015   Link

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