[Back and forth between Dr. White and Crushed Ice]
Back in the day I could get rich real quick yo
As I kept it pimpin satisfying men with chicks
But then the greenbacks stopped comin in
And now we have to find another way to get them in
Come on ova here to our crib
You'll see we have that cat juice in them jars and our bibs
The new product be exclusive to the WWA
So if you want a sample come around our way
We just trying to get paid and then maybe get laid
Yall know the ladies be commin like a raid
I'm having a good time I would never want this to fade
While you're overdosin. I'm sippin on gatorade
Do you know the secret to fame?
You gotta grab those kittys cuz that pimpin be lame
The revolution is here never stoppin always rollin'
Even with them black cats theres nothing to fear

Don’t be a wuss, you’ve got to grab onto that puss
Squeeze it till it’s dry, wanna see that kitty cry, but don’t make it die
Don’t be a wuss, you’ve got to grab onto that puss
You know that pimpin is for lames, dry that cat out for the fame
Hos ain’t not to blame

[Dr. White]
Yall get up cuz we back
Never runnin, always gunnin
The ladies aint cashin in
The bums aint bashin in
I took a look at Ice
I'm done eating rice
So I grabbed da cat from behind
No homo, the rest of yall on rewind.
We got the juice to make it big if ya dig
Aint no secret
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?
That's the sound of my cash comin in, flowin in, blowin in, comin in, flowin in
That's the sound of the bank deposits being made
I've had with these women, these bitches.
They ain't worth no damn
They ain't worth a damn
I'm tryin to bring in the new
Pimpin them kitties 24/7
I'll see yall in my mansion in 2011


[Crushed Ice]
I woke up one time.
Then I started wondering why has pimpin become a flop
Walking down the street when out of nowhere was a kitty,
When I looked at it was pissin, then you know with that a switch went on
And now we flying best believe we getting higher baby
Sniffing up dat piss is what everyone be itching at
You know we got their fix
And we selling cat piss to them.
We ride through the night and we sell till the morning
Got the jars with us cuz you know we keep it rollin
Hide to the side when the police get called in
And of course we love em but we can’t afford to get caught now
But we don’t make the kitties die
We know ya'll wanna get so high tonight
Everybody zone with the Doc and the dope Ice
Sing with us along, everybody we gon get high


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