[Dr. White]
I get sick of all the hatin, disrespectin
I’m gonna call the law on yall if you don’t stop the hatin
And we come to the hood, and we show you who’s who
So what if some of them are crooked, I am too
I’m far from straight, I’ll tell you that much
I’ll tell you something else too, goes a lil somethin like this
You betta luv da po or we gonna come and let you know know
With a bigass gun
When I ride down the hood with my homeys in da back
I get the feelin of pleasure that I’m gonna find the treasure
That’s about the time I drive by Double K to da flo
I see a Krusty Kreme with a sign of hotness on da window
I know they got some fo me sho
And when I walk in da store
When I
X a lot
When I walk in the store, put their hands to the flo
I’m obsessed with the word flo, but it sounds so fo sho
Anyway they give me all their money, share some with my honey
And I go to the po po, give em da doughnut hos
I get some respect and I pass my drug test
That’s how it works in the hood when yo money is coupons
And your best friends?
Oh, oh, they’re a bunch of fat porkers.

You betta luv da po po
Or we kickin in yo door and we giving you a new ho ho
You betta luv da po po
Or we kickin in yo door and we giving you a new ho ho
As in the doughnut

[Crushed Ice]
Oh what a tragedy everybody wanna hate on the police
And I be sitting down everyday thinking about this in my mind
You people better get yourselves together, show some love next time
Everybody be bucking at the Po Po
With their fully automatics and their 44’s
You all just better stop before we give you punks some Ho Hos
Give me a minute and we gonna ride
With a million of these donuts by our side
You want a donut too? Let’s go to Dunkin Donuts
Let me get you a ring or do you want the Boston Crème?
I want the crescent with eggs, sausage and cheese
You people better not forget my coolada please
Now I'm not playing, but if you suckas really want to play
I’m a shoot you to the pave toss a donut to your grave
You gonna learn how to behave
I don’t pay attention to these things in the streets
I just leave them for the law cuz I'm pretty lazy
But now it’s time, for me to come out of retirement
And I got my equipment from the artillery shop man
You people gotta respect the law because they do it to protect you all
You people gotta respect the law, love the Po Po or we gonna have to kill you all

(Chorus X2)

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