"Negative And Violent" as written by and Tom Williams Andrew Dijorio....
How easy is it to go through life disregarding everything
Thoughtlessness flows in a time where wrong is right
Yeah i'm gonna prove you wrong
Let me tell you about your flaws
I know them all

Staring at the screen not saying what you mean
There's gotta be more to life than complaining
There's gotta be more that you can offer
Let me tell you about your flaws

Everyone is all the same, everyone you know
Hiding watching waiting
You've built this anger because you don't want to put any effort
Into saying something worth saying
Negative and violent, we're all so important

Let me tell you about your flaws, I see them all
Everyone is all the same, everyone you know
Hiding watching waiting
There's gotta be more to life than complaining

Negative and violent
Negative and violent
Negative and violent
Negative and violent
We're all so important

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"Negative and Violent" as written by Tom Williams Andrew Dijorio


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Negative And Violent song meanings
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    Song MeaningThe real song meaning:

    Negative And Violent
    Andrew Dijorio: A bunch of different ideas were thrown around for this song. I had already had the “negative and violent” part written, so we were trying to write around that. We had sick ideas, but I think we were all butting heads. The day before one of my vocal sessions, Ryan [Thompson] and I finished this one up together. We wanted to focus on people who use negativity to make themselves feel better about how shitty they really are--kind of like a bully. The perception of this song is often taken the wrong way. Also, I love reading message board posts. [Laughs.] They’re just a bunch of kids shit-talking over a keyboard. Being ignorant is really funny. The idea for this song was inspired by the Long Island hardcore scene and how kids think they’re better than others because they’ve been going to shows longer and are more involved with band members. But it doesn’t matter who you know and how important they are--nobody cares and it doesn’t make you more important. This song is pretty much about all of those things combined.
    xNickyUrinexon May 21, 2012   Link
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    General CommentThe meaning is obvious.
    Hardcore kids are self-important, judgemental, and stuck up dbags who care more about impressing each other than being themselves. They do this while they claim to dislike this behavior from others.
    Essentially, the hardcore scene is full of coolguys that embody everything they hate.

    Source: I was a hardcore kid before this band existed and at one point was guilty of everything this song charges. The fact that I even have to stipulate how long I've been in the scene is proof enough of this.
    RyanAnchorson August 10, 2011   Link

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