Dear overseer,
It's ages since you graced my pages,
But this shit goes in stages,
How the machine rages,
I've got a spanner for your works,
Whole patches of industry,
I've got no manners for you jerks,
You wouldn't listen to me.

An Eco friendly emblem on a petrol station,
Like a fucking referendum for a queen without a nation,
Lies about land rights,
Build uranium mines, avoiding millions in tax,
You've never paid a fine.

When, in the ear of our leaders, to start a war like that,
If we don't know who were fighting, well then we won't fight back,
So I'm calling you out,
To let you know we know,
Your branding shines like gold,
And hides the shit below.

Ever thought that's why Jordan is no politics major,
Because he can't stand the thought of his slaves in asia,
Who puts a B-boy and a surfer in the same ad break?
I beat the real thing, because it's so fucking fake.

He tells a pack of lies and then tries to murder the truth,
He's just the same two guys, who tell you all the news,
And who's that chimpanzee, straight out a western movie,
And here come little Johnny wanna be his deputy,

The world is cleft you see,
Made to fight one another,
Economic big brother operating deep cover,
So Im calling you out,
To let you know we know,
Your branding shines like gold,
And hides the shit below,

Because everything is really not okay,
Despite the forecast of another beautiful grey,
I mean a beautiful day,
Blessed optimism,
A few more companies are killing off their competition,

Even blackouts couldn't make these devils sto-op and listen,
A rat race, that's disgraced and should not be forgiven,

It's not your pipe to piss in,
So there's a price to pay,
Whilst burning you'll be thinking about it everyday,

The gap gets greater,
And so I'd watch your step,
Once slip and there goes your neck,
Sleep with a sweat,

There's too many now looking for your downfall,
In the eighties all they thought about was how tall,

Could a corp climb higher than a star sign,
Make money marry money,
And make more money,
Mankind suckered out like a bloodthirsty vampire,
They call you citizens upstanding,
But we call you damn liars,

Image built brand empires all targets,
We'll "boycott attack" and defame just for starters,
Press charges? And bring your lawyers to the table?
But the tables are turning so get out while your able,

"I love convenience, I love corporations because they give me convenience.
I I i-saw on the news that there's all these people trying to stop these corporations spread the convenience.
And that's err.. that's why we've got to help the developing nations get their mc'donalds, get their 7/11s,
ahmean they haven't even tasted the goodness yet man."

Whilst ever there's oppression up will rise dissent,
Seen through every century, the anger finds a vent,

US forces - Just like WWF,
Iraq's getting body-slammed - By george dubya's best,
Keep pushing till the point comes - Where the people have had enough
And disillusion cause of ills - That are struck or are corrupt,
Can't trust a cop, a politician or a tv set,
Now everyone's upset,
And yet they still forget,

Forget facts,
Remember brands,
We get jacked,
But bite our hand,
The media is on crack,
And (they) hide our heads in the sand,

Now every Woman and Man,
Sing your favourote theme song,
That catchy jingle,
Opposite to what really goes on,

Our movement's strong,
We're going from strength to strength,
Your fradgulant future's - Something that we can prevent
We've come to cause a dissonance - Within your picket fence
If you still say dismissing your staff's - Good business sense,
More protesters will die,
As more companies collapse,
So we're questioning the false wisdom - Lying behind that.

Shout to the people - To stand against this crap,
And revolutionaries who act with beats and raps.

Lyrics submitted by BanachTarski

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