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Yeahhh. Puffa Productions. Ride wit me (Ride wit me).

[Verse 1 – Yung Shroom]
Pull up to the club, they like “Damn, look at dat ride.”
I’m like, “Ay yo, bitch, you should see the inside.”
Chrome on black, so heavy in the back.
Black velvet on the seats and a holder for my mac.
Got them suicide doors, rollin’ 24s.
Got the top down (Ay) and the seats real low.
She’s a low rider, high-profiler
When I’m ridin, they like “Let me get inside her.”
450 HP, that’s what I like to see.
Got black on black, yeah that b on b.
I could do a drive by. You’d never see me coming.
I’m quiet as the night, till I start gunning.
Catch me on the block, got them ten on fifties.
Whip down, shocks, west side, my city.
I’m talkin’ you or I. You talkin’ suicide.
I’m talkin’ don’t lie, cuz here we ride or die.

(We ride.)
Can’t ride wit us.
(We ride.)
Can’t grind like us.
(We ride.)
On the streets, on the block. (Dat’s right!)
(We ride.)
Caddy, Lincoln, Escalades.
(We ride.)
On the streets gettin’ paid.
(We ride.)
On the streets urrday.

[Verse 2 – Lil Blunt]
You can ride, you can die. Baby it’s a simple choice.
Ridin’ dead in a hearse, or ridin’ Rolls Royce.
Cuz thugs like us, we livin’ one way.
Hit up the club, and let the gun spray. (Ayyy.)
I ain’t sayin’ I’m a murdera.
I just know a gat and some clips dat’d like ta murda ya.
Look mayne, don’t just shoot at the messenger,
Or my lil friend just might start addressing ya.
He know where ya live, marks where ya die.
Creepin’ up on ya, when it’s dark as the night.
Ride or die thugs, we walk a thin line.
Breakin it down like chromosomes and enzymes.

(Let’s ride.)
(Let’s ride.)


[Verse 3 – Da Puffa]
Ridin’, hustlin’, then you see me grindin’, sippin’ gin.
I got the photo of my Lambo in the Chevy that I’m in. (Dasss right.)
Yall know what the 828 mean?
Dat’s a G thing. We sellin’ coke by the pound for 15. (Dayum.)
Put the mask on, run up in yo front door, make ya think it’s Halloween. (Boo.)
Ween gonna go trick or treat.
I’mma take ya girl, spread her legs, and dat’s where I stick my meat. (Haha.)
She’s a white girl and I’mma ride or die thug.
Gutter man, I’m slow motion on the creep like a slug.
When I ride, haters die. If I die, it’s a lie.
I’m motherfucking alive, you gotta trap to survive.


[Altered Chorus]

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