[Dr. White]
Got a lot to say, but we're not here to play
Take a walk with me down to the bay
Let's talk about Lil Wayne, he has nothing to gain
He lacks so much skill, it gives me so much pain
Have fun getting raped in jail
If we rapped you'd have no choice but to bail
This one is for Bobby F
It's such a shame that he left
He was the future king and master
I wish Lady Gaga would go a little faster
Who listens to him anyway?
He may have a poker face but I don't have to bluff my gender
I'm sorry if this topic is tender, but he's a gender bender
We the WWA, we the best in the world
Doc White, Crushed Ice, bout to spin the dice
Have I mentioned that all you posers have lice
Get back, get back, get back on track
Cuz we the WWA and we have all that you lack
If I've said it once, said it twice
We the best on the farm, on these streets
All these posers can't handle our heat
All these posers, they already been beat

Take a look at all of these wanna bes
(We're on top)
They wanna be just like us, which is no small feat
(This our big single)
Meanwhile we're keepin it real, beats you can feel
This is our big single yall
It's time for the rest to fall

[Crushed Ice]
Oh yea, Crushed Ice in the building, trying to get rid of these wanna bes
Why they gotta be annoying just like fleas
Get yo butts outside right now
Gonna beat em up, shoot em up, show you how my gun goes pow

[Dr. White]
We packin muscle so big we make you think quick
R to the P to the G, we got em all
Ice outta retirement, got those big gats in da back
You punk posas, yall on crack

[Crushed Ice]
Better believe i got my artillery strapped to the back
Doc got all his ho hos and you know we coming to attack
If you've messed with us you must be thinking you are lucky
Don't forget that we remember what you did to rubber ducky

[Dr. White]
Please don't bring him up
I miss him so much
I'm gonna avenge him with this song, this song
But in the mean time, pass me a ding dong
You know I love em like I love the po po


[Crushed Ice]
Here we go Whiteboyz Wit Attitude
Doc White, Crushed Ice we coming to set the mood
We coming with the big single here
With the officers instrumental
Dr. Dre ain't got a thing on this beat, he's just like a renta cop
Ice Cube where you been?
Guess you got the hint that you cant mess with me cuz, you know that I will win
You really wanna battle me, I spit fire why bother
Heard you melted a while ago might as well call you ice water
Now everybody loves Lil Wayne, while he in jail we getting paid,
He turning gay and we getting laid
We gonna keep showing you all that we got
We gonna shoot straight to the top
With a big single we gonna knock out all competition from the block
I don't understand why everybody's going crazy over Drake
They say he's real but I don't know I think hes faking it
Going all the way to the top and you know we'll keep it real
It's all about them whiteboyz and you know we keep it pimpin man


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