"Vicarious" as written by and Roland Pemberton....
All she wanted was identity, freshman in a city of obscenity
Tried to match faces with names but they retained anonymity
Locked restraint, she has to bank
On the kindness of others that pass her way
Wishful thinking, straight edge, against my drinking
Who would think her instincts would be sinking, linking
Up with cliques without a light switch (light switch)
She had to turn her tide, she couldn’t fight it (fight it)
Sex was insignificant but she transferred for acceptance
She wanted their dissidence, their actions and directions
(Coulda found it on her own) How could she all alone
In this sorta place, faced with eating disorders, disgrace
To the family name, calamity daze
Tragically based on her sister’s insanity claims
Apparently, I’m scared to see just where she’ll be
It seems she’s living too deep vicariously

[Chorus] x4
She’s living too deep vicariously
They’re living through me vicariously

The matriarch is lost her dreams and contentions
She tears the notebook and makes supreme her intentions
Ambitions at a high, reaps the lean of impression
Of her fading days and nights of expression
Daughter’s got a burgeon, she wants to be autonomous
But mother details every purchase to the smallest opulence
Honestly, they still scrapbooked on the monthly
Memory assembly and it was all lovely
But she was a dancer, well, I knew a few of them
And she knew a few of me but I knew it would begin
To take its toll on the girl, a pearl of society
In a flophouse fraternity, she’s shirking sobriety
Some jerks liability is to enter her facility
But the lock’s on, this cock’s got a mind of his own
She tried to knock off but the jock talked of popping shots
Then he got his rocks off without a line to condone

[Chorus] x4
She’s living too deep vicariously
They’re living through me vicariously

Front row Nina’s not a scenester, but she tries
To just greet an artist, meet him, see if she can get a rise
From the center of his being, what’s the meaning
You can tell she does this frequent, from the skull ring to the sequins
She was seeking to get freaked since
That one fateful evening when things evened out
Acquaintance to the coolers but a best friend to stout
She wasn’t meek in her speech but the intent was really gritty
How shitty, the girl just wanted to feel pretty
And now she’s out, strung, how dumb can you get?
Dumb enough to get hung by a moodswing set
Dumb enough to get slung between run-through vets
Dumb enough to stung in-between sung sets
So the girl’s been worked, she’s past delirious
Still, she’s going down under like Yahoo Serious
I got that from the light in her iris
Vibrant, but somehow virulent

[Chorus] x4
She’s living too deep vicariously
They’re living through me vicariously

Just another one of those…

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