Oh no, the fight's out
I'm 'bout to punch your very pretty lights out
Rock the funk track, guard your grill
Somethin' wrong with us, can't stay still
I been drinkin' and fussin' too and
I been thinkin' 'bout bustin you
Upside your very shapely forehead
And if your friends step up, oh girl
They gonna be mo' dead
Causing confusion, disturbing the peace
We causin' the ninjas to run through the streets
We the gangsters, bust it down and
Take your door and make you frown, 'cause
You ain't happy anymore after we get through
We are the trash men, we will clean you
I will beat you into submission
But I'm bipolar so next time I'm kissin' on your face, yo!
So cute though... it don't get no mo' hyper than this show

Now you dude
Get out the way
Get out the way dude, get out the way

Oh no, it's Master E and he's rappin' again
And he'll be messin' with you because
He's the man who brings the funk and
The Master of Robert sucks, beat you in the head with 'em
He's a wag man, crazy half man
Stick his crack pipe in yo life
And not even look twice
Because he's a bad bamajama
A crazy pog-slamma, a BIG sledgehammer he
He knows what he's talkin' about
He's bringin' the streets and he's rockin' the crowds
'cause he just loves to flow
And bring it down, don't ya know, come on

Move dude
Get out the way
Get out the way dude, get out the way

Oh no, I'm drunk again and what am I doing
I'm talkin to friends but they're
They talkin' back and I don't what they sayin'
I been watching too much Glee and I'm greyin' out
The time has come for me to tell you what's goin' on
Hey! I'm Rusti, I'm gone
I'm the dude who's got a lotta beef
And all this stuff, and all these teeth and
Hey Wawfuls! How are you doin?
I'm watching Wendy!
Well, that's wonderful
Everybody likes to have a porkchop
And cook the porkchop and eat the porkchop
It's all about the
Bling bling, ninja please
You must recognize, and Clinton's band sucks

Now move dude
Get out the way
Get out the way dude, get out the way

La la la
Waffle side

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