It takes a sure thing,
To make a bitter sting,
He said I'm flying for the rest of my days,
'Cause there's a buried heart,
In an abandoned trailer park,
Where we can rest our weary legs,
But perfect skies,
And fractured lullabies,
Will keep record of our failed attempts,
But crooked smiles,
Sneers and flippant miles,
Will keep their tears inside their faces,

And oh oh oh oh,

I wonder if we'll learn,
To watch our riches burn,
In the pockets of our kids,
But if we hesitate,
If we wait for our eyes to fixate,
They will melt behind their lids,
But we mustn't go,
And they can never know,
What we did, and what we can't undo,
But if we pray for rain,
If we let our voices strain,
We can grow like grass on the top of the hills,
We can live like kings and queens if we just let,

Go, oh, oh, oh, oh

'Cause there's a vision of my future that I just can't ignore,
It's the remainder of my body washin' up on the shore,
Carried down current by a punishing wind,
From a creek in Ohio where I swam as a kid,
Where I splashed in the water in a black plastic bag,
That was thrown from a truck, from my enemies pad,
Where they beat me to death and they spit in my face,
When I was memorizing names and the steps to retrace,
But the brunt of my anxieties were suddenly cured,
When I wrestled out the meaning there was in every word,
To stand alone in a desert to examine my thoughts,
And orchestrate the order of their burial plots,
Because a lover never dies when He falls out of love,
A dreamer never lives until he's given a shove,
So steer clear of the inferno that will burn us alive,
And only the strong will survive.
(Can you feel it)

He said I'm flyin' for the rest of my days,
He said I'm flyin' for the rest of my days,
He said I'm flyin' for the rest of my days,
He said I'm flyin' for the rest of my days.

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