[Verse 1]

I'm real like Jesse James, you fake like John Wayne
This ain't a game, this a stick up kid, simple and clean
Bitch we livin' in the last days I pray for my son,
Forgive me for my sins father, man I hope he don't come
To curse me, I know the devil's lurking around,
And he can catch me off guard any second
I found, another victim, stick him, leave him on the ground
With my big gun, spit gun bullets by the pound
Dodgetown runs through my blood and under my genes
I know my young one gon' be as crazy as me,
If not, then maybe more, but that's my baby boy
Ride or die for my family why wouldn't I, for sure
Take flight on a sucka, put 5 in a sucka
Bandana over my face, drive by on a sucka
Man a lot of mothafuckas think they ready to see us,
Fonzo, A.K.A. Young Pancho Villa
Roll with the punches or get fucked of like gonorrhea
This my dynasty all real killas up in this heir
No fears, no remorse, just a couple of corpses
In the streets if you got beef, you either win, lose, or draw


(We're desperados) They only fucking with us
(We're desperados) We some thugs on the run
(We're desperados) Fuckin' pistols and collas
(We're desperados) With a fistfull of dollas

[Verse 2]

When the west was one, I would ride with my gun
In the S.S. Wagon blastin' at cha for fun
I got my six on my side, get ready to blast
I'm ready to put, all you suckas in the mothafuckin' past
I'm the lone ranger, call me an outlaw
We got drug money like when we cruise through Utah
We doin' thangs, all you niggas is sleepin'
Connected Inc's on fire, now you niggas is weepin'
We burnin' tracks, we shittin' out verses
Dodgetown homie leavin' bitches and her shit
We grill 'em up, ain't nobody hotter than us
Connected Inc bitch in chicks we trust


(We're desperados) They only fucking with us
(We're desperados) We some thugs on the run
(We're desperados) Fuckin' pistols and collas
(We're desperados) With a fistfull of dollas

[Verse 3]

Ace of Spits Decoto gangsta, modern day why it urt?
Make more than your feelings hurt, when the big choppas squirt
We in the Wild Wild West but ain't shootin' revolvers,
Fully automatic weapons ain't pausin' like commas
Chinchilla fur, hang down get a ?? platinum spurs
Young guns, runnin' up, now you ridin' in the herds
Gettin' drunk in the saloon, black my coke in a baloon
Grew up young, hella soon, slanging drugs in the kamoon
A-C-E, here to get whatever's comin' to me
I'd rather die in a bank robbery, than in the penitentiary, young G
Money moves me, outlaw since I saw my first P
Grew up in the deal, for the neck back fresh
And then I'll put your face next to your Nike Cortez
Thanks for the best of my motha, I grew up like no otha,
Smoking good, sippin' mo-e with my lil brotha
And equal transactions, work only with the real
Ice in my tea, so everything I drink is chill

We some coke mothafuckas, Decoto headbustas
The modern day Wild Wild West, Why the fuck do you think they call us Dodgetown,
Pussy ass faggots, what, ya'll can't fuck with us
We stay bringing the mothafuckin' heat, Decoto gangstas V.G.D. what,
We some desperados, faggot, piss on you fake ass mothafuckas

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