"God Hates Us" as written by Zachary James Baker, James Owen Sullivan, Matthew Charles Sanders, Brian Elwin Haner and Jonathan Seward....
Total nightmare!
Total nightmare!

You wanna hear my side?
You need to drown to know.
When all the times it hurt me to fuck you,
I built a wall with your blood to show!

God save us!
God save us all!
God hates us!
God hates us all!

Total nightmare!
Total nightmare!

Nothing to heal.
No one to break.
Pills had a role now
There's nothing to take.
Nothing to trust.
No one to fake.
You'll find out sooner
That it's best if we just know our place

My infiltrated mind.
My lacerated soul.
You took me years
Create me control you.
Why let myself around with you aside?

God save us!
God save us all!
God hates us!
God hates us all!

Total nightmare!
Total nightmare!

Lie, rape, kill
Love, hate, fear

You better take your time
(Lie, rape, kill)
You better take it slow
Cause when you see the one
(Love, hate, fear)
There's nothing left to show.

Total nightmare!
Total nightmare!
Total nightmare!
Total nightmare!

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"God Hates Us" as written by James Sullivan Brian Haner

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    General CommentIn my view the song is directed towards today's "collateral damage" of common religion and faith. Each one will say almost anything to build its god up whether it be through hope or fear. When a person deals with a loss like the members of avenged did at some point your mind will cross the line of save him and save me "God Save Us" but then whether it be before or after you will also have the thought of if this god i believe in loves everyone how it do something like this "God Hates Us". Its a contradicting thought everyone will experience at least once if not multiple times in their life. The penetrating lyrics of "Lie, Rape, Kill" and "Love, Hate, Fear" tell me that to make your god seem better than another the hierarchy members of that specific religion will do whatever it takes to make a profit or to have more power than the other. They will lie to us telling us things that will supposively set us free in the end when they themselves can not be 100% sure of what is to come. Rape is one of the lower sins you can committ yet there are reports of child molestation by the very people that preach to us as a society. To kill one self or another is also a terrible sin and correct me if im wrong but in the catholic religion that the divine comedy "Dante's Inferno" references in the 9 levels of hell is at level 8 yet they have forged religious wars countless times throughout history killing for no need but to get as many followers as possible for their own enrichment no matter the cost, although i will say catholicism is definitely not the only religion to do so. Marriage is suppose to be sacred yet the divorce rate is higher now than ever and other religions believe in more than one wife which one is right? We are led to hate a certain group because of their beliefs when they do not meet ours yet we are told to love everyone. And lastly we may be able to believe in one religion but there is a fear of the unkown. So to sum it up the lyrics in this song to me give the story of someone wanting to believe and be righteous yet has so much fear and hate because of what history has taught them than even though the fear of say hell crosses their mind they would rather go there than to follow a god that has no sympathy for the ones he supposively loves.
    BigEarlon August 12, 2010   Link
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    My OpinionTO me this sounds a little to uh random and just a little creepy. As much as I love the screaming I just think that the lyrics are sort of meaningless. Just talking about Love, Rape, Fear. It's I guess and allegory of how God loves us. But he rapes us by taking away those we love, This instills fear into our minds of death. Maybe making us think that God Hates us. Still the lyrics could have been done a little better in my opinion especially from how they write all the other songs.
    TheCrazyDonon July 26, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this has something to do with people praying for God to help them, and then saying God hates them because things didn't go as planned.
    Merkenon August 22, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI'm going to say that The Rev did have a lot to do with this, but I do not think it is ABOUT him.

    Matt has said, on topic of this song, that he and Jimmy were throwing ideas around and Jimmy suggested something like, "What if we just start screaming, 'God hates us!'?"

    With that in mind, I think they wouldn't have scrapped that from this song, no matter what, just because it was an idea that The Rev put out there.

    I hardly think this is a total, 'Oh, God took Jimmy from us, let's accuse him of hating us' song.
    However, I will acknowledge that I think it IS a sort of introspective look at the nature of a relationship, or lack thereof, with God, in general.
    obscureXgreyon November 06, 2010   Link
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    General CommentSo um im confused..im huge fan of A7X but God Hates us??They write songs like Dear God and stuff then this...i dont get can someone explain?
    skatermike42on June 18, 2011   Link
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    General CommentShadows screams again! IMHO, this song is sort of like an angry shout at the heavens.

    "You wanna hear my side?
    You need to drown to know."

    This is like them saying God wouldn't know what death, sorrow and loss feel like, since he himself isn't human.

    On the other hand, this song is also speaking to us, humans, about WHY God came to hate us even though he created us - like it's our own fault we were cast out of paradise.

    "You better take your time
    You better take it slow
    Cause when you see the one
    Theres nothing left to show."

    "the one" here probably refers to God - and when you meet him, you'll have to face up to all the shit you've done wrong in your life and for the evil of humanity in general.

    Overall, great song.
    ItariShunon August 01, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningThis is what I reckon the song God Hates Us All means:

    Total Nightmare!
    Total Nightmare!

    You wanna hear my side?
    You need to drown to know
    With all the times,
    it hurt me to fuck you
    I built a wall with your blood to show

    this is saying to god 'Take a walk in my shoes god, life isn't as easy as you think'. and the only way for him to expierience what their (A7X) life is like, you may as well drown.
    cant get any meaning for next part

    God Save Us!
    God Save Us All!
    God Hates Us!
    God Hates Us All!

    God save us is saying how people ask 'god' to forgive of all their sins, but when he doesnt, we think that he hates us.

    Nothing to heal
    no one to break
    Pills had a role now there's nothing to take
    Nothing to trust
    Noone to fake!
    You'll find out sooner that it's best if we just know our place!

    There are no wounds to heal, there are no more people to break 'cause god has done it all
    the pills part is obvious. jimmy died of an overdose. not illegal drugs, but prescription drugs 'cause he had recently undergone lasik eye surgery. they say that there is nothing left to trust, and no one to fake because they feel that now that jimmy is gone, they cant trust anyone else and the fake part is they dont think god will help them so there is no one to fake that he is out there. and they say if god would just leave them alone and do what they want, life ould be easier

    My infiltrated mind!
    My lacerated soul
    It took me years, create me, control you
    I left myself for an idea I stole!

    they feel that god has infiltrated their thoughts and taken what they needed the most to keep the band going. now that jimmy is gone, they all have an lacerated soul because god ripped jimmy out of their soul
    dont have meaning for next bit

    Lie Rape kill, Love Hate Fear

    This is saying that we still have lies, rape and murder etc, all sins, but no jimmy who didnt commit most of the sins.

    You better take your time
    You better take it slow
    Cuz when you seek the one
    There's Nothing left to show

    they are saying that he had better take his time, to take it slow, to make sure he removes of all the sins and restore peace and loved ones
    is saying that if he keeps taking loved ones and things we love away from us, there wont be anyone else that will believe in him
    screama7xon January 05, 2012   Link
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    General Comment"You'll find out soon. No doubt it's best if we just blow up."

    should be:

    "You'll find out sooner that it's best if we just know our place."

    "Why let myself around with you aside."

    should be:

    "I left myself for an idea I stole."
    LeperCon July 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt's about being angry at god for the Rev's death. In the beginning, the slow and sadder guitar, then it kicks off with really angry music, and ends with sad again. See the mixed emotions there? If you ever lost someone dear to you, or even been depressed, you would kind of understand the feeling of it.
    Smytheice123on December 09, 2012   Link
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    General Commentthe meaning to this is pretty simple

    the name of the song: god hates us
    biggest event for avenged sevenfold: the rev died

    this basically says that the guys have done right all their lives and want to be happy (god save us all), but have their brother taken away despite this, and despise it (god hates us all)
    avengedsoul6661on July 29, 2010   Link

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