There's a kid who sees the world
A selfish kid; a good kid; a good kid.
By his own means he knew the price of life
By his own means he knew the price for you.
He must reveal it now, but to who?

A cluttered world, a damaged world,
a lost world he lives in.
He stammers for the door but it is shut.

Get out of the bars, young one.
Reach for the stars, young one.
Reach for the stars and be free.

Seek shelter in voices you hear in the night
Rid yourself of the world that surrounds you.
They didn't care, now you should go.

Seek to find all that is, reach high for life.
"I'll search for answer and I'll search for friend,
and I'll search for you 'til I'm gone.
Now I must go be free."

Climb towards the sun and burn your fingers on life.
If you're lucky you'll burn your body and soul.

Remember the dreams, remember the visions,
remember the morals and values you had
and never forget the view from above.

"Shatter me true 'til I'm gone and alone;
heal me 'til I'm whole."

See her lying there in the shade
listening to the sounds of the green.
Wishing, waiting, wanting so bad,
she seeks the knowledge of the dream you once had
and wonders if you can recall that day.

You stood in the park while it got dark
and conversed among the souls of the dead.

One hundred billion people sifting through the sands,
looking for love and searching for truth.
How misguided they've become since their youth.
Become since their youth...

Twisted and rotting and smelling of death,
their minds lie wasted and yearning for breath,
and wanting and wanting some air,
they crumble and fall onto the ground in despair.

And the gods look from the heavens,
and the men look from their graves,
and the gods cry "Damn!" and a light flashes forth.
Silence is fallen all over the land
and a black void settles over the night.

From the filth and the blood and the crowd does emerge
an angry young man with a poem in hand.
A prayer in his head, a blessing in heart
and an answer to all on the tip of his tongue.

"Let the smoke clear, look upwards my friends.
See the beginning of life.
See life's tragic ends.
And never forget the boys who have died
for a cause not their own but of the wise."

We still survive, but the sun has been lost
and it falls to blaze,
lost in pollution's excretion of haze.
Individuals do emerge, but so few and apart,
they are unseen by the evil and stark.
And the landscape that bears the immortals who share,
who give of themselves and receive only care.

The care of one hundred trillion people in space
and the care of one hundred billion who live on the place.

The ones far out and the ones who discover
are the ones who inspire a man and his lover.
From the dawn of time to the reaches of space,
companionship and trust are the keys to fate.
We want to fear all of the knowledge that we lust.

Why do we work? Why do we play?
Why do we kill? Why do we live?
I want to be happy and I want to know sad,
I want to have knowledge and I want to be dumb.

I wish for the day, and it will come,
that I know all the answers.
And I know what to be and I know what to search for,
and I know where to achieve.

And there it shall lie, my corpse in the gutter,
with knowledge and love and the taste of the better.
Looking through the window to space.

Lyrics submitted by Octavarium64

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