"Explorers" as written by and Adam R. Young....
This old mountain side
Where we used to reside
Is slowly recalling
The things we discovered inside

Oh the crystal caves

We shed both our jackets
And I hammered brackets
From old metal chairs
To the walls, a crude set of stairs

To lead us down

And you tied a rope
To the steepening slope
A Jerry rigged harness
So we could descend in the dark

But the tide came in

And we found ourselves in the sea
Deep under water
We both found that we could still breathe
So we spent the day submerged

And we swam the evening away

The water was clear
Like the pure atmosphere
As we kicked and fluttered
Through caverns all cluttered with age

In the afterglow

We swim hand and hand
Over white satin sand
And you left a ribbon
To honor the pale gibbon moon

But that was years ago

And we never came up for air
Down there
We can go anywhere

The old world was dying
While we took our flying
Like peregrine falcons
Beneath the transparent blue waves

Far below the surf

And we spent the hours
With submarine flowers
I knew I'd remember
That day in November
As we
Felt alive again

'Cause we found ourselves in the sea
Deep underwater
We both found that we could still breathe
So we spent the day submerged
And we swam the evening away
We swam the evening away

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"Explorers" as written by Adam R. Young

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    General Commentthis song is so amazing. it's complete fantasy and that's what makes it so brilliant. a classic escape song
    themysteryofthingson August 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI guess its about his old childhood memories where his mind was still very adventurous with much fantasis. Anyway im surprised with this lyrics..fully loaded with imaginations,like alice in wonderland. More like a bedtime story.>.<
    SquareXIIIon November 03, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is so relaxing, i love it :)
    i think this song is one of Adams daydreamy songs, where its not just another love song, but it actually takes u on an adventure and gives u a clear picture of what he and his friend are doing together, kinda like a cute little story
    all i know is that it makes me want to explore some stuff
    William0on December 05, 2010   Link
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    My InterpretationNot to be dark or anything, but this song still makes me think that it's two lovers who committed suicide together so that they might never be separated.
    fuxnixon April 16, 2012   Link
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    General CommentIt's so pure, I don't know. Just memories of his mind, like breathing under the sea?

    The lyrics connect in such a way that only a child mind could imagine. It's so pure :)

    I love it too.
    filipeversehgion May 02, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationThis song is about Adam and a childhood friend. I think it might be based on a real person/story but there is definitely a fantasy component, like many of Adam's songs.
    fl1ppyf1shon December 31, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationWhen I really listened closely to this song's lyrics for the first time, I realized that the lyrics are actually pretty dark. It seems like the songs about two children (or young adults) who went out to go on an adventure somewhere near the ocean, and they were washed away together.

    The first couple of verses from "This old mountainside" to "So we could descend in the dark" recap their intent to set out for adventure that day, finding some caverns that drew their attention in with promise of beauty and discovery.

    The line "But the tide came in" isn't a very reassuring line, and makes me think that the ocean tide washed them away and everything they used to descend, killing them soon after.

    Everything after this touches on Adam's surreal view of death, and one of those ideas that we don't actually know we've perished. So the two awake at the bottom of the ocean, immersed in the fantasy of the afterlife, where they don't require air to breath underwater and they can go anywhere they choose.

    The line "But that was years ago" adds a very resentful tone to the story, as there's this idea that time passes differently after someone passes away. Most movies and stories have a concept that when you pass away, you don't know it, and often you represent who you were when you died. If you were a person in the afterlife, the ignorance of the fact that you're dead or that your time has 'stopped' could very well leave you blind to the fact that the world is still moving on without you. So at this point it's being made known that a lot of time has passed since the two drowned, but denial and the distractions of the underwater beauty has left them unaware of this fact.

    Plus, looking at it in a literal sense they would have needed to come up for air in order to survive, but they didn't need it because they weren't alive anymore.

    The phrase "The old world was dying" strikes me as kind of odd in the song, but if you connect it to the theme of death and the afterlife, it makes sense. The two begin to lose their connections to the life (in this case the "old world") they had before, completely taken in by their oceanic surroundings and the new seemingly endless world they have to explore together.

    Multiple times throughout the song Adam uses lines like "Far below the surf" in order to emphasize the fact that the two are indeed underwater, and they are aware of it too, though the fact that it is far more than just their imaginations isn't apparent.

    "I knew I'd remember, That day in November, As we, Felt alive again"; this line is one of the most powerful supporting lines in the song. I believe that the two probably went out to explore on a day in November when they were washed away, and they started to finally recall the events of that day. The recalled being alive and realized what may have actually happened to them, though at this point so much time had passed and they had been so far from home that they simply decide that there is no hope for returning to where they once were.

    So, the two take advantage of their new world together and continue on in their submerged afterlife, pacing through the ocean searching for the things they desired undisturbed by their past limitations, exploring for the rest of eternity.

    Adam has touched on darker subjects a lot in his career, so him making a song about death and disguising it as fantasy and wonder isn't completely unexpected. It could almost be a metaphor for making the most of a bad situation.
    anthonybatteryon September 09, 2015   Link
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    My OpinionThe interpretation of the song being about death is kind of believable. Adam even said Sky Saling lyrics probably aren´t as happy as Owl City ones.. but I personally think there are far too many lines contradicting it for that to be what the song's about.
    Also, we need to remember not everything is a metaphor: He has stated that Alligator Sky is a place in his head. This song may just be fantasy like most people believe it to be.
    sexypickle123on October 17, 2017   Link

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