So old school that I'm on some next
Level, one for the treble, two for the bass, three for that melted face
Spoon full of sugar make a fight break out
Talk a lot but you might flake out
But daddy don't just talk the talk
A brother break a solid concrete block when him walk

Verse 1:
It's McNasty, Mr. Classy
Pistol blasting, pristine rap sheet
Kiss the glass piece, kiss back at me
I'm shaft when I'm sistine chapeling these rap beats
Drum break for this Anglo Saxon
Parole bracelete, an ankle trapped in
Your old basement, a base for pacifists
I know it places lotion in the basket
Beautiful like Bowie in labyrinth
Cue the four figure salary after rent
Dirt broke with a shirt so dirt soaked
Your folks curse so colorful at the word go
Cuz you're slummin' it
With a subterranean charity case and product of the government
Experiment gone wrong, all songs
Don't need a philosophical arch to come strong

Verse 2:
It's the black ranger, mastodon wrangler
Mack all day in a black, chiffon strangler
Be gone anger, it's egon spangler
And he's all dangerous and cheeks all angular
Word murdering, verb hurdling
Nerd circling tournament winner, turning the tourniquet in a bit
Cursing the intricate internet syndicates
Curb my sentence, on point like a minaret
Flip the cigarette, quick with the quips
Quick with those quips or you drips should quit
Arm-wrestling all lesser men
All estimates show that almost all of ya'll are estrogen
Truth hammers and you stammerin'
Dudes clamoring for Bruce banner are too glamour to handle it
Jeams look like capris
But my rock box is clean

It's the wizard of word, that's what you heard, a little rev run for the customers
If it's yours you can keep it, cuz if you keep what you brought, then you got what you leave with
So old school that I'm on some next
Level, I cash checks
ANd I don't break-dance, but I do break necks!

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