Verse 1:
His mother took her last breath and passed away
Death has a way of teaching the lesson that death will have his day
And dad didn't stay; left before Jack turned 8
Now Jack has no one to love so he turns away
Deceased mother and an invisible father
'Why bother' he constantly says, 'I oughta be dead'
His heard grows harder and darker and darker
Says he'll be remembered for his premature departure
It's a long fall from the roof he's standing on
Luck was as tough as the concrete he landed on
A life with promise ended in questions
Inside his bedroom, he left this letter begging for attention it read

Pity me please, have pity on me
I'm missing the things that made my living complete
Please somebody feel sorry for me
When I'm gone you'll be'll see

Verse 2:
Cadie's middle aged and overweight teeters on obesity
She hopes against hope that when she eats she can be free to forget
But it's ingrained in her mind, and ain't a place to hide
Heart breaks inside, the past shakes her life
Remembers when her mother was punched and every touch that was followed by 'hush'
Alcoholic stepfather with wandering hands
She was just a kid, it wasn't her fault, she doesn't understand
He'd beat her mom unconscious, then lock the door behind him
Took Cadie's innocence too, but nobody stopped him
She blames herself to this day, and overeats to escape
Says she has nothing to give, she lost it when she was 8
And free as a bird, but thinks she's caged
Mom's long gone but the memories don't seem to be fading
Hear her voice over a tape player hiss
The last words on her lips were this

Verse 3:
It's a stockbroker that unfortunately lost his fortune
Adolescent boy crying cuz he lost his girlfriend
It's the janitor with six mouths to feed
And a wife that says she doesn't need him and wants to leave him
It's the young mom whose baby stopped breathing
The father that lost his son cuz he caught his dad cheating on mom
It's the Vietnam vet with nothing but regrets
Saw nothing but death, lost both his brothers and his legs
It's the homeless man with no socks sleeping in a cardboard box
Wishing the winter and kids throwing rocks would stop
These are the people that need you
The wall is up but it's so easy to see through
Delicate souls who need to be consoled need to be told
'I'm right here if you need me to hold you'
Fragile warriors searching for companionship
And through your love let them see Christ with His hand on them

Chorus 2:
Pity them please, have pity on these
They're missing the things that made their living complete
They're lost with no hope, tossed to and fro
They bear the cross of loss till they're broke
Pity them please, have pity on these
They're missing the things that made their living complete
Their completion lies in Jesus
Love them like Christ and they'll see Him

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