Refuse all
I don't believe no more
Things start to fail inside me

Paralyze the fear and stop the shakes
I'm on a cane
It never feels the same
Deep inside

Start the light
Let's end the night
You carry on no matter what
A golden ring
The flare will blind both you and I

Defuse all my rage
Calm my nerves down
Before it's too late to hear me

Bend the lens and face what's never seen
Clone the doubts and find what's buried here
Deep inside

We are star seeds
Fractions of pain
The waterfall inside us is drying up today

Hands out
Wise up
The story is speeding
Get up
Face it
Astounding turnover

Start the light
Let's end the night
You carry on no matter what
A golden ring
The flare will blind
Both you and I

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    My InterpretationI think this song is about Hosomi becoming ill. I don't know if he is or isn't, but it sure seems like it.

    He is sick and is in the hospital, refusing to believe his illness is true. At the same time, he's refusing all the people that want to see him, because he's become depressed and he doesn't believe in anything any more. His body is sick and there are things inside him, failing.

    He wants the fear and the shakes to be paralyzed, probably through some sort of medication. His illness has crutched him to be forced to use a cane. He realizes that nothing will be the same inside him due to his illness.

    When he says "start the light, let's end the night", I think of the light that people see when they die, and the night being his life - since everything is so dark and gloomy. He knows that the world will keep on moving and carrying on, even if there is sympathy. A golden ring could either be referencing marriage or the light again. I'm not sure if Hosomi is married, wants to be married, or if he's just talking about death again. But in the end, the flare, the light at the end of your life, will blind anyone and everyone.
    ClosedNoteson July 12, 2010   Link

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