Verse 1:
Welcome to the firing squad
Where people try hard, and can't fire me because
I turn it down flat before the find me the job
Don't even know why they would wanna hire me at all
Ya see I tried to be ya'll
But I'd rather be poor
And eating top ramen every night on the floor
Because I sold my furniture and dining decor
I never wait in line unless the line is real short
Cuz I just get bored
A starving artist and content to be so
Holes in the blue jeans were never meant to be closed
Or sewn up or sewn shut or so what
It's so lovely
To be so independent and broke and so hungry
It's so humbling
Crack can of bumble bee
Tuna, eat it, repeat it
Leaving the sea depleted
And you can see me napping
Crashing on couches
At factory outlets
Till they bounce me out backwards

Whoa oh oh oh oh
Dolla dolla bill ya'll
Dead presidents will kill ya'll
Whoa oh oh oh oh
So give it to me
I'll chew it and swallow it to get rid of the greed
Whoa oh oh oh oh
The rap great book says there ain't no such thing as halfway crooks
Whoa oh oh oh oh
So gimme everything that you love and watch me burn it back to dust

Verse 2:
Blessed is he who gets money before you get it
Blessed is he whose trophy wife is the freshest, and oh
Don't get me wrong I'm humble when it's convenient
But blessed is he who can lie and make you believe it
Beatitude switcher
Flow flipper, go getter
Broke mister, cold shivers
Knows when its, no limits
No sentence, no penance
Pro pennant winning, cold grinning
In the inning when I focus in and see the coach grimace
Behold the benefits
Of living with a little chip
Bolstered on the shoulder of a sober motor boater
So perfect
the convert conversion of overt aversion
Of overtunred versions of
This bohemian life
The high on helium life
The I am really alright
Without a nine to five
The thanks a lot and you can keep it for yourself
I'm barefoot and bellowing it with a rebel yell


You can get with this or you can get with that
I'm on some Kool Keith, baby all over the map
You can get with that or you can get with this
Product of an environment I will never miss
You can get with this or you can get with that
Way too many raps for the clear channel cats
You can get with that or you can get with this
Leather jacket on and I'm listening to KISS

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