I always wondered what I was going to be,
another bitter woman on a bus with a cat and a magazine
My mind is jaded by the multiple painful memories,
and I'm haunted by the regrets that I let get to me
I think a lot at night when I can't sleep, about the haters amongst us in the society;
About the ignorance that surrounds just everything they say;
About the lengths we go to try and hide our own mistakes

I don't care what you say, who you are, nothing is right about war
I don't care what you say, who you are, nothing is right about war
I don't care where there's oil, who's your god, nothing is right about war
I don't care what you say, who you are, nothing is right about war

Money is an invention of mankind gold wild,
an unbiddable formidable array of tiny little bits of metal,
trying to represent the fabrication that there's no exaggeration of the money in this nation
Last time I checked it was illegal, to start an illegal war
I don't think I'm the only person asking what the hell was that for
I don't care where there's oil, or who's your god, nothing is right about war
Not a little bit of sense in it, not a little bit of sense in it,
why do we dedicate our lives to so many insufficient systems,
a government that won't listen and money that doesn't exist?
The list could go on as it does in my head haven't slept in so long
I have so many reasons I can't sleep, not a little bit of bitterness or jealousy
Sometimes I feel a psychological anomaly, my life is live nocturnally, I want to see my family

I struggled in the summer '05, oh why, my pretty little sister had a beautiful mind but we got by,
and suddenly perspective came on down on me and schoolwork lost all meaning compared to fact that life was fleeting
I kept dreaming the same old dream in which a genie came a stayed for tea and offered me one wish,
only the answer seemed so clear to me but no matter how I tried, your name had slipped my mind,
I only dream nightmares, why would I want to go there?
Why would I want to see your pretty face right on the road there?
Why do you look me in the eye, as if this is not a dream and I'm able to save your life?
When I wake up I'm screaming it helps me to think of my brother my sister my mum and my dad and I think to myself,
I haven't got it so bad

I'll always be thinking of you
What I wouldn't give to see you again
I'll always love ya
A good friend told me,
"you gotta think of here laughing, think of her comfy and happy,
think of the time you had her," he told me

It was painful the day that you left us,
and it's been painful every day since then

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