Crashing to the surface.
My convictions lay bare before the tempest.
As chaos explodes around me, I find myself in the jaws of destruction.
Tested, by the force of the tempest.
Pushed, to the point of no return.
Losing ground.
Let the steel of my resolve be not bested by the sum of my fears.
Clarity unfolds, a moments calm in the eye of the storm.
Relentless, I surge onwards.
No regrets.
No second chance.
Nothing will hold me back.
Shipwrecked bones carry my seasick heart home.
Carry me home.
Tension clings to me.
Resistance coils inside.
Forcing me down, I fear nothing, into Poseidon's arms.
Forcing me down, I fear nothing, I must hold on.
This is a strength born in misery.
A focus cut of this insanity.
I fight my way from the gates of hell.
I hold on.
A body, locked in the vice grip of conflict.
A mind, sharpened on the shards of disappointment.
And from the depths of Hell I rise.
From gilded cage, my spirit flies.
Memories of another life call me home.
Shipwrecked bones carry my seasick heart home.

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Karma song meanings
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    Song MeaningIn this song, he is returning.
    He's been to hell and back and now it's time for revenge.
    Once and for all.
    "No regrets. No second chance. Nothing will hold me back."

    Btw, the song is titled "Karma", meaning what comes around goes around.
    BLaacKeNon September 10, 2010   Link
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    General CommentEPIC album,best song on the album.
    in this part:"I fight my way from the fates of hell."
    it is :"I fight my way from the gates of hell."
    it's gates,not fates.
    Sleepwalker88on June 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThey use awesome nautical references for everyday life. I think it's about the ocean representing society/life and the dangers it involves, and we're just swimming in the storm as people. He resists Poseidon, the gates of hell,obviously meaning death. I think the line that sums this song up is "shipwrecked bones carry my seasick heart", meaning he's sick of what happens throughout society but the people (the bones, "shipwrecked" because they're at a standstill with their minds) that cause these problems never learn. Dangers and temptations in life are dragging his heart to the bottom of the sea. Sick stuff. That's just my take on it.
    mike38323on August 23, 2010   Link
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    MemoryI think its about him saying that nothing will stop him from doing what he loves. People can put him down, "Forcing me down," but he does not let this deter him. They push him way far down because they do not agree with him, could be people criticizing him based on choices or just bullying, but he is not afraid. He takes it as a test, uses his anger to fuel his reason for perusing what he loves. He has endured so much negative criticism that it has made him stronger. With a struggle he has made it apparent that nothing will stop him from doing whatever it is he is doing. "This is a strength born in misery... I fight my way from the gates of Hell." Sick song, kinda can relate!
    bob9008on June 26, 2011   Link
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    General Commentthis song uses fuckin sick imagery of him falling off a surfboard to describe his struggles with society
    cancerbaddylangoodon September 11, 2011   Link
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    General CommentLike most Parkway Drive songs, it conveys epic imagery and makes you want to lose your mind it's so tremendous. Whenever I hear this, I imagine an ancient pirate war ship with a skeleton crew battling through a dark green tumultuous sea. It just amps you up so much, and that bass wobble during the chorus is so wonderful...goosebump material.

    This entire album is just so incredible. You listen to these songs and you want to take on the world. Great workout music too. PARKWAY DRIVE I LOOOOOVE YOOOOU!!!!!!
    MetalcoreJakeon May 02, 2012   Link

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