"Plans" as written by and Adam Peter Weston Anthony John Jackson....
We made plans to kiss the sun at night
Hopeless dreamers, hopeless types
Shedding skin you show your beauty scars
Don't forget me or who you are

You know this don't feel right
Who knows what we feel?

I just met you I can read your thoughts
What they tell me is what I want
I'll keep you guessing keep you wanting more
'Cause where we're going no one knows

You know this don't feel right
Who knows this could feel right

I just met you, I swear I read your thoughts
So don't forget me or what you want

Light up the stage, make your move, give me something
So I can dance in your light and to your rhythm

Soon it unfolds who we are in this masquerade of stars
Tear off the mask, the face you hide is what I'm missing

We made plans to kiss the sun at night
Hopeless dreamers, hopeless types
One was turning, one was standing still
I won't forget what was promised here

You know this don't feel right
Who knows what we feel?

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"Plans" as written by Adam Peter Weston Adam John Spark


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    General CommentThis song to me means thats 2 people have already fallen in love and things didn't work out just as they were really starting to see there true self's more perfect than before and he think about the beginning and how good perfect it was... he wants to go back to that and start again.

    Ladykon August 10, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningHaving listened to this song about a dozen times in the last two days and really thought about it, I reckon its about a relationship that failed at the very beginning or never quite was...
    MistahBungleon October 08, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI think that this song is actually about how badly two people each want to be loved and have a relationship, so they settle for second best and force a relationship when they really aren't right for each other.
    That was just my interpretation. This song is beautiful and is a piece of lyrical genius like most of Birds of Tokyo's songs :)
    Amber555on November 05, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningI'll tell you what this song means to me. My boyfriend lives far away & it has been extremely hard for us to make it but we love each other so we make it work. He is the male version of myself and when we met i felt like I could see into his soul and we are people who don't let other people in but because we are so much alike, we've always removed our masks to each other. We have made promises to each other n both of us are aware of what the other promised n we live for the day we can be together. Its hard being so far apart but songs like this make it easier because when I hear this, I know there is a future for us someday. I know we will make it through this rough patch of uncertainty n not really knowing whats going to happen to being together soon. We have plans to kiss the sun at night meaning we have plans for the future & neither one of us will forget what is promised here. & at the end when he says "no one knows what we feel"... its really hard to maintain a relationship like ours from so far. A lot of people in both our lives are skeptical and don't believe it will really work out but we both know how we feel and no one will ever break us. & I know this is what we both want n we always keep each other guessing n craving more n more so even though right now it doesn't feel right, when we are together for real, it will be everything. :)
    evilprincess69on December 10, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningSoulmates, but it didn't last because she wasn't ambitious, she couldn't let her true self shine.
    Odeon September 21, 2011   Link
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    General CommentFor me, it's about meeting someone, the uncertainty of what you're both thinking and feeling, having thoughts about whether it's going somewhere...
    scottyauon July 10, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI agree with scottyau. I think its about the mystery and the uncertainty behind meeting someone (seen through references to the masquerade). As you get to know them better and you become closer (taking the mask off), will they fulfil your expectations and hopes?
    inderhouseon July 30, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song talks to me! I think it is about meeting that one special person, having a moment in time with them and then they have to leave... Maybe to return... maybe not!

    These are the lines in the song that make that true for me "We made plans to kiss the sun at night, Hopeless dreamers, hopeless types. One was turning, one was standing still.
    I won't forget what was promised here"
    lisainozon August 12, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWhat a great song. I agree with the majority of the comments. Its about meeting someone for the first time, getting to know them enough to like them and contemplating whether the two of you have a future. I love the line: "I just met you, I swear I read your thoughts". There is that spark, that excitement in the moment, the thought that this might be the one, after all the searching. I put this on a mixed tape for just such a girl recently. Let's hope there is still such a thing as true love. I'm tired of searching.
    everestdesignon August 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI agree that this song is about meeting someone for the first time and then liking them more and more as you get to know them, and then wondering if you guys actually could have something togehter, and i can completely relate to this at the moment.

    But the lines "We made plans to kiss the sun at night, Hopeless dreamers, hopeless types" at the beginning give a sense of hopelessness when it comes to love
    --> people dream of the impossible (kissing the sun at night)which is probably 'true love', them being the "hopeless dreamers, hopeless types".

    they know it can't be done yet they still dream of it... and here comes this person that you meet and you can "read their thoughts" right away, and in all your hopelessness you think that you could actually have something with this person, that it "could feel right"

    And you don't know where this is going but you're just waiting for them to "make [their] move" so that you can "dance to [their] rythm". And then the "masks" come off as you really build something together.

    ... just a more "in-depth" thought, since i am absolutely obsessed with this song
    ashot2rememberon September 26, 2010   Link

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