"How Much More" as written by and Torquil Campbell Patrick Mcgee....
How much more am I supposed to take
How much more am I supposed to break
You asked for time, and time takes you away
I'm alone and you're a man
I need you closer to me

My hands are tied
Because I won't say goodbye
I tried
I told you I was brave but I lied

Is this the story or
Is this the end
I always kill your shadow but,
Here we are again

In the wild, in the way you love me
With your smile, will you ever save
Save me
Because we can't freeze ourselves
In this hell
You came with me so hopeless I fell

How much more am I supposed to take
I can find forever in other ?
But how much more
How much more
I need you closer to me

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"How Much More" as written by Christopher Allen Seligman Amy E Millan

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    General CommentI think this is about a couple, or two lovers who are separated for some reason, probably not by distance, but by some choice the guy made. She's in love with him and doesn't want to lose him, but she needs him to change.

    Beautiful lyrics and Amy's voice is simply hypnotic (in the best way possible). Stars has again floored me with their absolutely dazzling music. "The Five Ghosts" is my new favorite album of the year.

    The second line of the last verse is "I can find forever in other ways."
    ValH1618on June 19, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThere's a strong sense of an On-and-off-again relationship, in this song. She curses the guy when they are apart but she can't stay away. She knows the relationship works to a point but the cycle is waring her down cause she needs him closer than this relationship is allowing.

    In time, they fall apart but its hard to tell if its just a chapter in the story or if this brake up is the end because "here we are again." There is a component of love but the relationship is not pleasing and more hellish than anything else.

    A big part is how they can't refuse the others' need. He's there and receptive- there's really nothing she can do to resist. She won't say goodbye, how can she?
    Clockmarkson January 01, 2011   Link
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    General CommentInquiry: why dose no one point out that she say's "you're" twice in a row?

    It should be "I'm alone and you're, you're a man"

    Or is the falter part of the artistic license and not official lyrics?
    Clockmarkson January 22, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think this song is about being in a relationship where the person is troubled and distant. And loving them so much that you'll accept they need time and distance even though its killing you and you can't take much more. You want them to be closer to you, and you know you can find happiness elsewhere but you can't say goodbye. And ultimately losing yourself in the process of trying to help them and make the relationship work. You thought you were stronger than you were, "I told you I was brave but I lied", but you just can't do it. "You came to me so hopeless I fell."
    calendergirlon April 09, 2011   Link
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    General CommentThe song is about a woman who is married to a man she no longer loves, maybe she never did, she is always alone, helpless sometimes, but because they have children she stays, this is the cross she has to bear. She wants to run away, his face haunts her once pleasant dreams, his voice has driven all the sanity out of her. Then against all the odds, she meets someone, she falls in true love for the first time in her life, and despite the fact it goes against everything she believes in, she falls in love and allows it to run. She is so happy, but, she has to end it, even though she is so happy with him, because of the children. Damn damn the circumstance. She to this day loves him, and he loves her, and they edge around it all the time, because she still feels and see's him. It is the most painful experience for all of them, 2 soul-mates who should be together and can't be. Yet!
    Bassdrafton November 09, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI listened to this song while reading "The fault in our stars" by john green. so, my connection has to do a little with the book.

    to me, its supposed to be about someone, or a couple with cancer.

    "How much more am I supposed to take
    How much more am I supposed to break"

    I interpreted this has someone with cancer wondering why this is happening to them, or wondering if they should give up fighting it, wanting to know if it will ever just end.

    "You asked for time, and time takes you away"

    this could be speaking about how, with cancer, it takes the real you away before you actually die, you're too weak to be yourself. It takes over.

    "My hands are tied
    because I won't say goodbye
    I tried"

    this could be a lover/friend/family member telling their sick loved one that they aren't ready for them to leave.

    "I told you I was brave but I lied"
    This could be the patient confessing how afraid they are.

    anyways, this is just how the book made it sound to me. any opinions?
    Give it a read, its really good.
    1flameon January 25, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI would also agree it's about two lovers. The girl wants to love the guy, but he just isn't quite the person she wants him to be. They have been together for so long, that she doesn't want to give up on the relationship, but he has to change.

    "How much more am I supposed to take
    How much more am I supposed to break
    You asked for time, and time takes you away
    I'm alone and you're a man
    I need you closer to me"
    This is her telling him how he makes her feel - she needs more from him. He may have told her it will take time for him to change, but all that's happening is he is getting more distant.

    "Is this the story or
    Is this the end
    I always kill your shadow but,
    Here we are again"
    She can't work out whether it's just a minor hiccup in their relationship (the story), or something that will force them apart (the end). There have been times in the past where she may have tried to ignore the way he is, but the feeling always comes back.
    esquion September 26, 2012   Link

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