You see a mask from your window at night
So you wake and you go outside
And you put it on
And they treat you in a different way
But you can't understand what they say
After you've put it on

So a change is never an end
Cause this is happening all over again
And it's been days since I left
On this ship of promises

Another day, another denial
Every longing's up on trial
So you learn to put it on
As the captain calls everyone in
To the dance hall and the night begins
You have to put it on

All these visions of a welcoming party, pretty party
Have been lost, cause it's the same since I left
On this ship of promises

All the churches I remember well
Clocking in and out to the sound of the bell
We just put it on
It takes you in, it scrubs you clean, it sanitizes every dream
And you put it on
You just put it on

But I'll meet you in between
What I say and what I mean
And we will make our own mess
On this ship of promises
Cause it's the same since we left
On this ship of promises
We just could not care less
On this ship of promises
Don't look back

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    General CommentI just see it like when you get into a relationship you make all kinds of promises to love one another for ever but things dont always work out like that...
    Also the stuff about the church really refers to ireland where we would have to go to church when the bell rang and how the church takes you in cleans you up makes your dreams all good and wholesome....
    But we would just put up with it, i love this song so much!!
    beezybeaston August 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI have a different opinion I think hes talking about how we sometimes have to put on a fake smile to be accepted into society and that no one shows their true selves. It also seems as if hes talking about how he was hoping it would be different once he made it as a musician but its the same. I think the church part is about how religion takes every dream and desire you have and wipes them clean and instills you with their religion so you become like every religious person that all have the same dream of worshiping God.
    narut03on September 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentIt's more about denial and change, it seems like he is pretending to be somebody he is not, yet he finds that his perspective of things hasn't change, neither has the things around him.
    The references to the Church make me think that this new "identity" is being used to mask some sort of sin which hides from society...or it may be just the regular society would not accept his new persona.

    I'm a bit uncertain on what exactly the "Ship Of Promises" actually is....a new pursuit?
    Cyberghoston October 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think you'll find that it is about the church and religion.
    finchy109on November 03, 2012   Link

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