"A Mind I Knew" as written by Brian Aiken, Brian Paneccasio, Austin Fisher and Quinn Walker....
And the roof's half gone,
But they've left the tv on.
And the one-way sign,
It was twisted like a vine.

Pour out the wine,
Cardboard underneath our spines,
"Curled up shoes",
They keep repeating on the news.

Wandering in, this is not a spiritual thing.
So act your age.

Your heart is like a crippled demon, semen on your clothes.
Kill everything I built around me, nervous I suppose.

Dancing late,
we keep going on first dates.
Underneath your sheets,
sleight of hand and daring feats.
The pain just peels,
blooms confetti color fields.
The sun rolls up,
rolling like a paper cup.

My anger doesn't know surrender, skin without its clothes.
Blue fragments of a mind I knew when cocaine's in its nose.
You crash just like a car accident, feet without it's toes.
Don't violate the steps I took to make sure my door's closed.
Your life is like the mundane suffering on late night police shows.
Forced into false affiliations, invisible shadows.

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    General Commentjust look at that last verse. these lyrics are brilliant.
    TheWrongGirlon September 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is fantastic, though I'm not really sure about the meaning. If I were to take a guess, it seems to me like it's about two people, possibly a guy and a girl, who are homeless, whether through their fault or not (though I'm leaning towards for a reason they caused). The main lines that make me feel so are the
    "Pour out the wine/Cardboard underneath our spines"
    With the transition from wine to sleeping on cardboard. And
    "Wandering in, this is not a spiritual thing"
    They're wandering around, but not for some great reason or higher purpose, but because they have no where to go. I feel like the girl isn't taking the situation very seriously, though.
    "Your heart is like a crippled demon, semen on your clothes/Kill everything I built around me, nervous I suppose."
    I feel like this further supports that the fact they lost everything is their fault. "Crippled demon" seems to imply that she was once much more powerful and destructive, though has since weakened. The guy seems to be acknowledging his own destructive tendencies, but is making excuses for them.
    As for the last verse I feel like just further emphasizes their downward spiral.
    "A Mind I Knew" I feel like it refers to recalling the person he was before. His situation has changed so drastically, and he knows its his fault.
    pGFPon June 28, 2011   Link

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