"Pearl" as written by and Byron Williams Jane Geraldine Tyrrell....
Don’t worry ma’am you child’s going to be just fine
Nothing more than a bruise and a scratch - but you know that happens all the time
Just like he’s got to fall to find he can – take it in his stride, he can
Navigate his way through and that’s little more than a chink in the armour
Maybe he can be a mini-Hurricane Carter
Will he withstand yet more tribulations than his own father?
Nowadays hearts are rigid – a symptom of the world weary
The more information that the eyes get to see the more they get bleary
Our children will inherit all this and they’ll say it’s not fair
What we gotta deal with, don’t forget that it’s your burden that we bear
This magnificent constant systematic disrepair (MR: this is one of my favourite lyrics ever, sorry for interrupting)
Is one trait that every single generation must share
And the oldies can keep their fond memories of the good old days
But, at the core of it, well - maybe nothing’s changed?
These times have gotten pretty dark but the sky didn’t fall in
At least that where we’re at now hope a little luck calls him
Oblivious to his resilience let alone ceiling (MR: this reminds me of Rattlesnakes by Neil Young)
He knows as well as anyone he is one in 5 billion
For your offspring’s health it’s worth all those tears
But I really think you can let go of that fear
I remember the good old days, no doubt it was a bigger place
It’s a complicated rat race, it was simpler in my day
Yes burdens vary, and it’s wise to be wary
Keep your perspective, simple pleasures aren’t for sale
Now the future seems a fine thing – so bright that it is blinding
It can seem your destiny’s so tight that it is binding
But put these new eyes in, kid, and see the world unwinding
Take the time to see the sights in – yo – there’s nothing to be frightened of
‘Cos night will follow day again – life is still the main event
Explain it – educate ya – it’s mostly what you make of it
You’re a first world resident – you’re starting way ahead of them
You could rival Edison or invent a new medicine
Some parts of the past are fashionable – irrational
We focus on the contrast – less attention to the actual
What is right in front of us – it’s not like there’s no facts at all
One thing this generation has never seen - and that’s a war
They’re clamping down for sure – yo – but it’s still your stamping ground
Don’t let them say it’s all be done – there’s still all that’s not been found
The dance doesn’t end just because they play the champion sound
There’s bound to be a way to blaze a trail up in this fancy town
Ideas are like hand-me-downs - and the memories get faded (MR: this is very post-modern)
So watch for the nay-sayers – and the raining-on-paraders (MR: like me…)
It may not be brave but it sure is new – same they gave us
So dazzle them as a way of repaying the favour

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