"Desire" as written by and Nicky Brown....
Desire is over taking me arousing the essence of my soul bow to the pressure while tearing your life apart your denial causes a simple pathetic plea

As you bow in honor and choke on your words

The lessons keep on coming as desire starts to fade and as the healing hand of reason comes closer and closer will the answers still be the same regardless of what it’s worth I’m holding still holding on to the god of my mistakes

Rise from the pressures destroying the walls of Rome lies of deception eating away at your flesh

Fight the pain of deception we are not alone I can always count on you you’ve carried me though my life

Fill the dying dream as your feelings begin to die your reason for living drowns every retreating nerve

As you bow in honor and choke on your words

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    My InterpretationA.M.D.G.

    Definitely one of my favorite songs by WOA (the fact that Tim Lambesis is in it helps, too).

    I think that the "desire" that is overtaking the speaker is not a not a good desire, but rather a malevolent, sinful one. This desire refers to a longing for vice and the things of this material world and not the things of the spiritual world. The first couple of lines clearly show that this desire is hurting those that have it, and that they are not the ones in control when this happens- the sinful desire is. That person then could be in denial of the fact that his desire is hurting him or he believes that his desire cannot be stopped.

    I'm not positive about the third line, but I don't want to pass it up, so I'll say that when the person in denial is proven wrong by God and the truth, which is in itself God, he will be forced to swallow his words of doubt and the sinful words he said during his lifetime.

    As the truth continues to be unfolded for the person and as he detaches himself from this world and his sinful desires, those vices that once had a death-grip on him melt in the fire of God's limitless love. Jesus said that, "The truth will set you free" (which I find rather ironic because the Truth, Jesus, was the One who set all of mankind free with his death on the cross). We live in an objective world, where there are universal norms that are unchanging- they are eternal, just like God (and the album title). When we accept the truth, like the man in the song, our vision is cleared as "the blinding of false light," as As I Lay Dying would say, is eradicated. However, the battle is not over until we die and we can hold on to desires and let them linger, only to have them come back even stronger. Despite the somber fact that the battle is not over as soon as we accept reason and truth, the song goes on to state that "we are not alone," and that the Person who is always with us is God's Holy Spirit- and "with God, all things are possible" (Mark 10:27).

    In the second verse, the sinful desire and the acceptance of lies is devouring not only the person's physical body, but more importantly his soul. The pressure created by this desire is so strong that it can destroy the walls of possibly history's strongest civilization.

    The song then calls us all to use our God-given intellect to decide what is truth and what is fallacy, and then to embrace the truth and show no mercy to the lies, which only corrupt. Then the most hopeful line of the entire song resolutely states that God is always with us, and that we are not in the battle alone and that the battle has already been won!

    The second and third lines from the end mean to me that oncProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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    the desires fade away and die, the person can then fulfill his once dying dream of living a life in the footsteps of Jesus and ultimately reaching heaven. He realizes that he was not made for this world and that he is a spiritual being who happens to have a body, not a body that happens to have a soul. Thus his reason for living (i.e., attaining the beatific vision)overcomes any trepidation whatsoever. He does, however, give all praise, honor, and glory to God, and he must still atone for his sins.
    bb4christon August 08, 2010   Link

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