"Follow Me Down" as written by James Gabriel Leo Lavelle, John Allen, James Hosmer Griffith, Bret Constantino, Evan Reiss, Brian Trice, Matthew Holliman, Pablo Spencer Clements and Rachel Williams....
You're wondering if it's worth it
You're wondering what to do
You're asking me to see the future
And you want me to tell it to you

See I can't believe it myself
So how can I prove it to you
That this is all a dream

Okay follow me down
Come on you can trust me now
Okay follow me down
You can trust me now

Recurring thoughts of separation
Ones in which we are all alone
What keeps our heart from feeling wholeness
And everywhere we look we see ourselves

I'm not inclined to think in braided spirals
I know I wasn't always this way
What do I do and is it really worth it

Okay follow me down
Come on you can trust me now
Okay follow me down
You can trust me now

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"Follow Me Down" as written by Joe Vaughan Williams Rodrigo Patrick Baills Romero

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    General CommentI think it's about hitting on a girl/or a hookup/one night stand

    I think the male in the situation is more emotionally vulnerable possibly with not much experience.

    he wants her to "see the future and tell it to you"
    shows nervousness and/or lack of experience.

    the next set of lines get's a bit deeper
    I love the "everywhere we look we see ourselves"

    this is a comment on a humans basic psychology of simply ALWAYS seeing the world from their own biased perspective. everything that happens or someone does is interpreted by the individual from their own experiences.

    I'm not inclined to think in braided sprirals, I know I always wasn't this way.
    the mental image of strands weaving in and out (braided)
    back and fourth from a lover to separation
    she probably has done this before
    spirals= but never really connecting
    "is it really worth it"
    everywhere we look we see ourselves though...
    so it's like an inner conflict in her mind, she enjoys it but is sort of conflicted like is there really more to it anyway?
    same with the guy (also conflicted) but in a different way it seem

    sexual metaphor aside, on a deeper note i feel like the song hits on the whole balance and duality to things in life (as cliche as that sounds)

    it's not intended to shame sexual promiscuity I don't believe
    it's not intended to be preachy
    it's just kind of hitting on a deeper level of a realistic interaction.

    that's just my interpretation, kind of late and abstract thoughts so I may not have gotten it 100% (i'm just going to post this because I know if i re-read it I will chop it all up and end up deleting this)
    Sobertoaston February 11, 2015   Link
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    General CommentDespite the fact this song is hypnotic as all out, and therein it's hard to actually FOCUS on what the meaning might be...

    I still tend to think of this as being a relationship coming to an end. Whomever the woman is singing about is begging the woman to tell him what happens next, where they go from here, what they can do together to fix this (etc, etc). Ultimately, the woman has no answers. She doesn't have any idea what's going to happen, where they go from here. "See, I can't believe in myself. How can I prove it to you?" And when she hits the reality that he's not going to just let this go, she finally relents. Fine. "Follow me down." Trust me. She knows that the end is there. That neither of them can escape it. But she knows no other way to deter the man from this then to just walk him through.

    "Follow Me Down" is probably also a commentary on the difficulty of breaking up from a serious relationship. In breakups we fear being alone, and in this fear (usually if we're the breakee, not the break-uper) we cling to the relationship with everything we have, terrified of being abandoned. "Everywhere we look we see ourselves:" every where there's a miserable single person, or a happy couple. And that can either be a nightmare or a happy dream.
    LaFlamingoon September 22, 2011   Link

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