ihnfsa = I have never felt so alive...
My spine is twisted for revenge
cut right through the artery
smiling like a hero sent from hell
and he said: boys and girls you've come to watch the end
You will burn in hell for this
I will ride a bullet through your head

Sorry for the first love
Sorry is my last word
They're screaming inside
Thank you for the best time
Terrified we'll all die
We're going to rise up above.

The lantern flickers by his head
sending all the force of life
shooting through his eyes and through his brain
and she said: he can smile but can he form a plan?
Will it take an army force, to bring him to
his knees and to his end


You will burn in hell for this (hell for this)
You will burn in hell for this (hell for this)

Chorus (2x)

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    General CommentI think it's either about the horrific consequences of war, or about
    the things that go through the head of a terrorist who is about to
    kill himself for a cause he believes is right.
    Brodon May 31, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWhat does "Ihnfsa" mean? I can't even pronounce it... ;-)
    Anyway, this song is great. I've just found this band and their sound is brilliant!
    aquarella85on December 16, 2010   Link
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    My Interpretationihnfsa is the abbreviation of "I have never felt so alive." I this is a song about a death row inmate facing the electric chair, and the perspective of the people watching him die.

    "My spine is twisted for revenge" is what one member of the audience feels - perhaps the victim's family member.

    The killer (for we must assume the worst about this inmate) walks out smiling, vowing revenge from the afterlife.

    The chorus is tricky; it seems to start from the perspective of the killer feeling remorse - "sorry for the first love" - perhaps it was a crime of passion? "Sorry is my last word" definitely drives the point forward about remorse, and "they're screaming inside" seems to be talking about the tormented voices of his victims.

    However, "terrified we'll all die" and "we're going to rise up above" don't make total sense here. Perhaps he's grown accustomed to the voices in his head, worried that it will all come to an end?

    The flickering lantern is obvious in this context - the executioner has pulled the switch, the lightbulbs are dimming, and electricity is frying his brain.

    Still he smiles. A woman in the audience wonders out loud - can he think anything at this point? What will it take to kill him?

    And the final question for us, is... who has "never felt so alive" here? The vengeful audience, cathartic at last watching the nightmare end? Or the killer, his last moments energized by thousands of volts of electricity?
    giraldoon January 16, 2015   Link

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