"The Mark" as written by Thomas Peter Gladwin, Richard James Witter, Alan Steven Leach and Paul Adrian Banks....
Pray tell me is or ain't that face paint
Do you raw or do you race trace
If you take to take to takemake
That there's grave
And snake's you're namesake...

There's no cops creeping in the jungle of bite
And all things blues thief in the night
Is you is or is you ain't bright light...
Can you be trusted to shame and honour load prose
Or do you need to get named no
And thrown back to the cold that came before
Unamieded tourists in their painted forests
Who take to take to whore it
N poorly absorb this
Here's a theifing man's grave
A sampletimething
A sisyphus deal zeal for meals
And heart fangs
Not the swallow of hollow quotes
From cut-throats on strings
So do you bright to kill light when you bang...

So keep your teeth of our mark
We forget to eat for our art
Rawheat to the part
No sheath on the heart
Sleeping like sharks
Despiteing the dark
Where did it start
And in the end it's a spark
In the clear and severe ear
Of a peer spearing its fears
A 100 years from here
Chilled and tears to hear
His sheer and near fall is steered

So do you kill to just
Well the ill
Empty out and refill the pill
With your will
Or you bitch to bill
Fuck a bill, burn a bill, hell on Earth a bill,
Curse a bill, cut a bill, hurt a bill
Gut a bill, what a bill, can't pill
Is the will ill still spill kill

This goes to those
Overfroze hearted hoes with a
Golden voice and bum nothing
To their words but poor choice
This goes hoist like
Skull and crossed bones
Before your Hollywood homes grown
In the greased slick
Sick of your least
A most piteous
Perk of the mark of the beast
That eats good men out into a star on song streets
This ain't beef it's called the truth in the air
Proof to the square
The present is rare
At best and the rest
Set against the breadth of
All fruit to ever fall from your chest...
And the might of the seeds
In come time they had left...
In other words
You guilty of killing it or theft.

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