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Haha. Welcome to the family. You already know what it is, mayne. Mafia motherfuckers. 828. 2010, bitch. Trill productions. We back again. We taking over. DSMT mayne.

We grind right,
We shine like
We blind light,
So keep ya nine tight.
Dirty south

[Verse 1]
[Da Puffa]
AK 47, what you think of that?
Hennessy, whip game, you know I got it back.
89 Caddy with a chopper in the dash.
Riding on blades cuz the trump squad black.

[Lil Blunt]
40 thou and two gats in the dash box.
Boy you got a problem? You betta back off.
Night time, seat back, sailing down the asphalt.
You think you scared now? Wait till I take this mask off.

[Yung Shroom]
Show up to your door like a Jehovah Witness.
I ain't ex-lax, but I'll scare your bitch shitless.
Running from the feds, we call it fitness.
Bloodstains on the seat, we call it business.

[Chorus ]

[Verse 2]
[Yung Shroom]
Load the caddy up, trunk up with white squares.
Bentley in the front, running cover for me right there.
Black gloves, ski masks, AK, grip dat.
Puffa grippin' this, Blunt grippin' dat.

[Da Puffa]
Fuck with us, you hear the body bag zip (bag zip).
Hungry ass suckas, have you eating my clip (my clip).
50 Dominicans on the cocaine ship (my ship).
Green in the jacket, lookin' like we hood rich (hood rich).

[Lil Blunt]
Yeah we hood rich, only sip that good shit.
Grey goose, exclusive in our crew bitch.
We roll deep. The sirens sound like music.
Best watch ya head or you just might lose it.

[Yung Shroom]


[Verse 3]
[Lil Blunt]
The plastic surgeon, I'll rearrange your whole face (Dayum).
Muzzle down your throat, so how's the chrome taste?
I work in cosmetics, so you should call medics.
Better yet, box him up, we can call FedEx.

[Yung Shroom]
Running up on 'em like a track star,
More like a rap star, more like a trap star
More like I go hard. God knows I go hard.
So hard for so long, yeen seen what I saw.

[Da Puffa]
Yeah you like dat (like dat). You like data (like dat).
How the trunk feel? You finnah like dat (like dat).
Take 'em to the morgue, we send 'em right back
Something like a snow plow, moving white stacks.


[Yung Shroom]
Trill… Did I mention… trill? Did I mention… TRILL? Yes I did… TRILL.

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