Time to brush my teeth...uh...ti-...time to brush my teeth

Hello, what the heck is going on? Why on earth does my voice sound like this?

Hey hey,
"Dude, why were you singing in there?"
I'm not singing, I'm just trying to talk to you,
"Oh, like a built-in auto-tune? I gotta get one of those"
OMG, I've been auto-tuned, Seriously, I need some help bro',
I don't want to talk like this forever, shortay,
"Why? You sound like Kanye West. Friggin' awesome, dude."
Actually, I think you're thinking of T-Pain,
"Umm, no...I'm definitely thinking of Kanye West, here, just sing "Heartless"" (sing "Heartless"..."Heartless")

In the night...
I hear 'em talk...
The coldest story ever told,
Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul,
To a woman so heartless,
How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so heartless?

"See? I told you you sound like Kanye West."
Kanye West- "Aye, party's over, man. I'm gonna need that auto-tune back now fo' real, man, just give it back"
Uh...what? How did you...? Where did you come from?
Kanye West- "Seriously duuu, have you not heard my rants for the past three years? I'm God, I can be anywhere, I can do anything."
Okay, if you're really God, why don't you take this auto-tune from me and give it back to you? I don't want it anyways. (He don't want it anyways) No I don't want it anyway. (No, he doesn't want it any-)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Kanye West- "A'ight, then cool. Angels, you know what to do."

Oh my gosh, Hey! I think it worked!
"There's only one way to test it out, right?"

In the night, I hear the talk,
The coldest story ever told-

Kanye West- "I think I might need to give that back..."

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