Yo my name is Wally West let me start this out right
I'll give you introduction just to be polite
I'm a superhero better known as the Flash
Mess with me and I'll kick your abdominal region

I enjoy riding my bike the task is often recurrent
Though I always end up walking I have low endurance
I was unpopular in school but I did have some friends
Lately I yearn to reminisce about the past with them
I often play Halo with my friend Jordan
His gamertag is "The Little Elf" a classic oxymoron
Our clan practices every night from 7 to 2
To challenge us you'd have to be a doggone fool

So i was listening to tunes on my iPod Shuffle
When i saw two grown men getting into a scuffle
I tried to calculate how far they were away
I grabbed my graphing calculator and computed away
Then I ran over there to save them from their struggle
Next thing I know I'm getting owned by a muggle
When I said that Harry Potter came out of nowhere
And started casting spells like wingardian leviosa

Saving the world means no income, haven't had a job since I was 9
The only thing I got from that was a sense of well being and pride
Back to the story getting beat up was leaving me with incisions
So I pulled up my HUD quickly with keen precision
I pressed a button that I've never ever pressed before
I couldn't see what It was but it must have been hardcore
Cause that dude just got scared and scurried away
Whatever it was left me with a painful migraine headache

I fly to many places while people are at work
Mostly I go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, yeah that's where I lurk
You see it can get pretty dull when you're up in the sky
Oh wait, Flash can't fly ...crap! ouch! why?!?
This outfit is irritating its seriously off the chart
It's hard to itch certain places including my private parts
Well I think I've told too much about the way that I live
Until next time, don't worry I'll be back again kids!

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